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5 Pairs Of Sneakers You Need That Aren’t Adidas Superstars

Okay, I have to admit that I do have a pair of Superstars… And while they are literally my favorite pair of shoes I own, it is good to have variety because wearing the same pair of shoes gets a little old. Anyone has to admit that sneakers are the ultimate “cool girl” staple. We have seen everyone from Gigi Hadid to Sarah Jessica Parker wearing them, keeping the norm-core trend alive and well! Keep reading for some super cute, absolutely necessary kicks you need to invest in!

1. Vans ‘Classic’ Slip-On Sneakers

THESE ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES YOU WILL OWN! They hug your foot in all the right spots, while still allowing enough comfortable wiggle room. They are also super versatile! Because they are one of the most popular style of Vans, they come in so many different patterns and textiles. My personal favorites are the perforated ones that come in either black pleather or Tumblr pink! So, pretty much, you can be super trendy while still rocking some comfortable shoes. The Vans range from $60 to $65. And, because of their sheer popularity, Steve Madden makes a version of the same style! The Steve Madden’s are $60, but they’re always on sale.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

These shoes are probably the most versatile on this list. Chuck Taylor’s are so easy to wear with pretty much anything, also you know they won’t ever go out of style! I like to wear them to dress down a dress for a casual lunch date, or just my everyday outfit! I have owned about three pairs of these in my life and each pair has lasted me for at least 2 years. Right now I have a grey pair that I’ve had for four years! Also, you can easily get a custom pair of shoes form Converse because they have their own customization site! They stain pretty easy because of the canvas material on the shoe, but they are super easy to clean! Simply use your GoogleFu and there are unlimited possibilities- the only one I’ve tried is hand washing in warm water and letting them dry. Converse will range anywhere from $50 to $75 just depending on the color and material.


3. Nike ‘Juvenate’ Sneaker

So, these shoes are incredibly cute and really take the whole idea of norm-core to the max! I have so many friends that have had these and absolutely adore them. They look cute with anything from your workout gear to a nice pair of jeans and a sweater. There are many bloggers out there who have great outfit inspo posts with these shoes. Honestly, they are great! I have heard from many that they are super comfortable and lightweight. However, I’m not sure how well they can handle vigorous workouts. If you do want a versatile workout shoe, they have a running version of these that would be great!  They are super easy to wash; just take the lining out and place the shoe itself into a lingerie bag and then you’re good! They come in six different colors and have half sizes! My personal favorite color is the black, just because they can literally go with everything! These will cost about $85, which is a bit steep for a college student, but it could easy be something gifted to you from Santa…


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4. Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ Sneakers

If you don’t want to be super mainstream but still want the Adidas label, go for the Stan Smith’s! These shoes are just as comfortable as the Superstars and, in my opinion, just as cute! There is a pair right now on Nordstrom that has a decorated heel; I have them, and they are super cute and comfortable! The Stan Smith’s have funky sizing, so be sure to read reviews before buying online. Also, be sure you are ordering them with the idea that the size you are ordering is a MAN SIZED SHOE. When I purchased them, I bought two sizes and tried them both on to see which felt better. These sneakers are going to be wider than your typical shoe due to them being in men’s sizes. Also, they stretch slightly because they are made out of leather, so give them a day or two after walking to decide if they fit or not! The Stan Smith’s are $75, but they often go on sale just depending what is on the heel!


5. New Balance 420 Sneakers

These shoes are a MUST HAVE! They can do pretty much anything. Can they be worn every day? Yep. Can they be worn to work out? You know it! Can they instantly make you look like a supermodel? Pretty much. I have seen SO many people wearing these shoes; everyone from ultimate cool girl Alexa Chung to Heidi Klum love this look. They are super comfortable and hold your foot really well. There are so many different colors they come in, too. I’m not sure how often they go on sale, but they are definitely worth their price of $70. Just like any of the other sneakers, you can find so much outfit inspiration online because fashion and lifestyle bloggers cannot get enough of them! Also, because they aren’t too bulky, you can fit them into a tote bag so you can change out of your heels and into something so much more comfortable! New Balance has been around forever, and the shoes consistently keep getting better! Make sure when you are ordering these that you are ordering a women’s pair of shoes in your size! They make men’s 420’s also, and those have different width dimensions.

What are your favorite sneakers on this list? Comment below and share the article!
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Delaney Huesgen is a Class of 2020 Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State Univeristy. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she is looking forward to her new adventure in Ohio. She hopes to move to New York and work at a magazine in an editorial position to continue her love of both writing and fashion.

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