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10 Pairs of Shoes You Need For The Fall

I used to absolutely hate shoe shopping, so I never wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. However, now that I realize you can’t wear the same pair of moccasins to every event ever, I have made a list of ten pairs of shoes you need for the fall.

1. Thin Strapped Chunky Heel Mules

These mini heels are perfect for girls who have trouble walking in regular heels. They give you a little extra inch or two, but they are sturdy enough that you will last all night in them without (hopefully) any harm. The straps are a cute detail, and there are many colors available, so you could honestly buy multiple pairs. Wear them with jeans, a skirt, or a dress–these shoes are versatile and can be worn in many circumstances!

Buy them from Shein for $24!


2. Quilted Slide Sandals

Slides are a super easy option for those who don’t want to wear a heel but want to dress up their outfit a little more. The quilted look is always in style and gives a more designer look to your outfit. They also can be worn daily, and are easy to just slip on and leave the house if you’re in a hurry. They’re going to be your go-to summer shoe, I just simply know it. Getting multiple pairs of this shoe would be a good idea, so you can have variety and match multiple outfits. 

Buy them from Shein for $18!


3. Platform Slingback Sandals

Remember last summer how the Steve Madden platforms were all the rage? Well, meet this year’s version, the platform slingback sandal. You can quite literally pair these shoes with anything and you will look trendy and cute. Want a casual look? Pair these shoes with ripped jeans and a cropped tee. Dress these shoes up with your going-out outfit for the night, wear them to a festival because they are sturdy enough to wear all day without fuss. They’re an elevated flip flop, and you’ll add some spice to your wardrobe. 

Buy them from Shein for $32!


4. Double Straw Strap Slides

These slides are a bit more on the beach vibe than the other shoes. Straw platforms are super adorable for your next vacation, or if the weather is warm and you’re wearing your new sundress. They’re casual enough that you can get away with wearing them with a cute summer fit, or you can dress them up with a more formal outfit. Either way, they’re amazing for the warmer weather approaching. 

Buy them from Shein for $7!


5. Double Band Bedroom Slippers

A pair of slippers are extremely necessary for any time of year. What happens when you’re taking the trash out or running to the store, but don’t want to wear a real shoe? These slippers come in. They’re fuzzy but won’t make your feet sweat because they resemble a flip flop. I wear moccasins year-round, but these slippers may just be my new wear-everywhere shoe. The fur can also spice up a loungewear set you’ve been wanting to wear while doing work, or while you’re walking around your house. 

Buy them from Shein for $16!


6. Snakeskin Flat Mules

A playoff of the Gucci loafer, but make it affordable. These shoes are going to be a staple for all you working women out there who need a comfortable shoe for your new big girl job. Or, you can wear these to special occasions and give off a designer look for lower prices. No one will know that they aren’t the real thing, and they are a classic for those who are tired of just wearing regular flats to work or any other occasion. So, spice up your shoe game with these loafers and get ready for compliments. 

Buy them from Nordstrom Rack for $38!


7. Croc Embossed Chunky Heel Boots

I normally cycle the same two pairs of booties to wear out. It’s hard to find a cute bootie that will match with most outfits, and that won’t kill your feet after a night out. These ankle booties give off a retro vibe and I am obsessed. Go buy a pair of these white booties for another option to wear out, because I promise you they look cute with all looks. 

Buy them from Urban Outfitters for $50!

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8. Point Toe Stiletto Sock Boot

These are like the perfect shoe. It’s the shoe I imagine for my most Hot Girl outfit, so I decided to share it with you! These will make your legs look long and slender, and have a more refined look to them. Wear these booties with a dress or skirt set, your legs will look incredible and you’ll also look like a Versace model. They’re classy, and the stiletto detail literally begs you to wear these at a rooftop bar somewhere in the city. This would be my recommendation for a formal, yet stylish look. 


Buy them from Shein for $35!

9. Minimalist Chunky Heeled Mule Sandal

These shoes are very ’60’s Jackie O vibes, and I’m here for it. The mini heel gives you a little flare and can be paired with any outfit, day or night. It’s a timeless shoe that can be the completing piece of any outfit you want, and you’re sure to feel like a starlet in them. I would pair these with some palazzo pants and a crop top for a more day-to-day outfit. These heels are going in your suitcase wherever you’re traveling to because they match with everything and are a comfy option for when you don’t feel like wearing an excessive heel. 


Buy them from Shein for $29!

10. Faux Leather O-Buckle Platform Sandal

These platforms are not for the inexperienced. I’m the clumsiest person ever, so I am anticipating taking a tumble while wearing these shoes. HOWEVER, they are so cute, and the all-pink leather look is to die for. It’s a good graduation shoe because they are minimalistic, but they still give off a statement. The buckle detailing makes the shoes that much more desirable, and they’re versatile so you can wear them until you can’t anymore. 


Buy them from Shein for $30!

A new pair of shoes is always a great way to treat yourself. Let me know what your fave fall shoe is in the comments below!

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Jai Phillips

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