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10 Pairs Of Men’s Jeans That Are Stylish AF

10 Pairs Of Men’s Jeans That Are Stylish AF

Men’s Jeans are a staple of just about every guy’s wardrobe. The second that the sweltering heat of summer gives way to the brisk breezes of fall, out come the denims. This year might be a little bit trickier due to COVID-related lockdown rendering us all slightly heavier than we were last time we put on your favorite pairs of men’s jeans, so if you need to go shopping for a couple new pairs, try going for some of these super sexy styles.

The Classic Cut

The gold standard. No frills, no surprises, just a solid, slightly baggy, possibly rolled up at the ankles cut of denim suitable for any occasion. Always in style and as versatile as any piece of clothing comes, these are the first pairs you think of when someone says the word “jeans”. Make sure you have at least two pairs on hand, because you’ll always want to have an extra pair around for when you have casual Friday at work and then a date on Saturday.


The Pitch Black Denims

Slightly less universal, but easily more chic than their deep blue cousins. The best part about a good pair of black men’s jeans is that they bring just a little bit more class and style to a regular and/or more elegant outfit. They can sometimes double for dress pants (although try wearing a pair to a sophisticated dinner party at your own risk and peril), but when you have a slick blazer that would be brought down by a lesser pair of men’s jeans or maybe a good dress shirt that you don’t want to waste on a regular pair of blue jeans, going with the pitch black denims are definitely the move. Most of my jeans are black these days, and I don’t feel any need to go back.

The Torn and Frayed

I’ll freely admit something: I never really got the whole ripped jeans craze. Especially for men’s jeans, it might have started off that was kind of edgy and punky, but now all it does is remind me of Ed Hardy. If that’s your style, hey, more power to you. But for everyone else, there are still some ways to make ripped men’s jeans stylish: you can take a normal Classic Cut and do some homemade damage yourself, eliminating the $200 upcharge that comes with having the designer literally cut holes in your pants. If you do want to buy a pair pre-ripped, try and keep it subtle. A nice, slightly worn pair of ripped jeans gives off a nice rugged air. If you start to get more torn and frayed, just know what you are getting yourself into: you’ll find yourself with a little too much hair gel in no time.


The Jorts

Oh man. Ok, what I’m learning is that men’s jeans and their specific styles are that they’re a double edged sword. Of course male models in professional photography settings with calves of steel are going to be able to pull off jorts. But most of are going to look like backwoods country hicks or the least self-aware guy at the local hardcore show. The point is that jorts are a risk. But if you can pull them off, you’ve achieved the rarest of statuses among men’s jeans. Godspead, you crazy bastard.


The Patch Work Masterpieces

Our jeans, like all the other things we own, should reflect our own personalities. If you’re just sitting with some name brand pair of men’s jeans, you’re not really embracing the opportunity to stand out. If you’re customizing and creating unique styles that push your unique sense of style, then you’re really getting the most out of fashion. Patchwork jeans can be practical (“I’ve got a hole that needs to be fixed because I’m not about to step out in a pair of Ed Hardy’s”) or personal (“I really think that these patches and customizations look good”). Whatever you go with, it’s going to be 100% you.

The Stretchy Fakes

What’s the problem with men’s jeans? They’re too coarse, too inflexible, too immobile. They don’t move with you, they move against you. Women are lucky enough to get jeggings, but what do guys get? Well, if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find pairs of jeans with a little more elasticity to them. Stretch denim is a lifesaver when you have to do anything remotely athletic or even just want some extra movement and give to let your legs breath and move with ease. Are they real denim? Probably not. Is anyone going to know? Probably not. Is anyone going to care? Definitely not.


The Pre-Labor Day Whites

Another bold choice, not just in terms of style but in terms of practicality. The world is not kind to white clothing: at best, you look like Andrew W.K. and at worst you look like the K.K.K. But you also have to constantly dodge just about anything that risks you getting stains: food, dirt, chairs, walls, paint, the list goes on and on. All this shouldn’t deter you from owning at least one pair, because they’re so unique and cool that they’ll really add that extra dimension to one of your outfits. If you can keep it clean, it’s definitely worth it.

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The High-Waisted 

Another cut normally associated with women’s jeans, the high waisted cut is the hipster look of the future. Make sure you have a stylish pair of socks and sweet pair of shoes, because that’s where all the attention is going to be directed when you’re wearing these kinds of men’s jeans. You might also want to know how little space the high waisted cut gives you around the crotch. These are essential nuggets of knowledge before your commit to a pair, but if you’re willing to endure, you’ll look pretty stylish.


The “I Stole These From My Girlfriend”’s

You’ll easily be able to spot these by the fit. It’s pretty easy to tell when men’s jeans aren’t specifically “men’s jeans”: Unless you’ve been doing squats on a near-constant basis, you’re probably not filling out the but very well; it’s a little higher waisted, a little more clearly meant for a pear or hourglass figure, and definitely tighter around thighs/ankles. But gendered clothing is for conservatives and babies: you’re an adult, and you know what you look good in. If you happen to be staying the night and don’t have an extra stash of clothing, rummage through your girlfriend’s dresser drawer and find a cut that looks good, go ahead and rock it.

The Farmer

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