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7 Pairs Of Fun Jeans That Aren’t Boring

Jeans are a fact of life. Like Donald Trump and avocado-based breakfast menus, there’s seemingly no escaping them. The good news is there’s a pair for everyone! Here are 7 pairs of fun jeans to try on for size.

1. BDG Ecru Belted Puddle Jeans, Urban Outfitters

Not quite white, not quite beige, not quite straight, not quite full flare. These fun but accommodating jeans tread the middle ground of the denim world.

They’re high rise and softly flared, a style which any denim aficionado can confirm is universally flattering. They come with a cute matching belt, puddle-style hems and a roomy cut. It’s quite possible these jeans were sent down from heaven above.

I’m picturing them with a cropped vest, gold hoops and some tinted glasses.

Get them here:

2. Pink Acid Wash Mom Jeans, Topshop

I have renamed these gorgeous and fun jeans “Barbie Gone Rogue.” Sure, pink’s still her favourite colour. Sure, tiny handbags rock. But you know what? Barbie is sick of stuffing herself into all those matching mini outfits. She wants to climb trees and eat a whole bag of Doritos without popping the flies.

These jeans combine the prettiest shade of pink with a relaxed yet tapered cut. It’s hard to find a pair of mom jeans that still retain a little tailoring, but these high rise, pastel beauties manage it.

When wearing, I say go full Barbie. Head to toe pink. It’s the only way.

Get them here:

3. Super Skinny High Jeans, H&M

Body-hugging, in a fresh light blue wash adorned with beautiful climbing flower motifs, these fun, floral jeans are like the denim version of body art.

I possess the balance of a nervous baby elephant on a tightrope, which means my secret dream of becoming a renegade biker is unlikely to come to fruition. But there’s nothing stopping me from putting on a pair of these and pretending I’m the woman Neil Young’s singing about in “Unknown Legend.”

These jeans are begging to be paired with some leather ankle boots and some bad-ass attitude.

Get them here:

4. Na-kd Logo Mom Jeans, ASOS

They may be mom jeans, but they’re not for the faint of heart. Covered in a logo print, these super fun and fierce jeans wouldn’t suit the blushing wallflower who prefers to walk the city streets unnoticed.

Like to make an impression? Here’s your perfect match. Probably best not to go too wild when head to toe in print (yes, you should get the matching jacket): this is a standout, knockout look witnesses/law enforcement officers will remember, friend.

Segue from day to night with ease – these jeans speak for themselves.

Get them here:

5. Extreme Ripped Riot Mom Rigid Jeans, Missguided

If humankind is ever studied by alien life forms, some precocious alien is bound to write an essay entitled “Humans In Denim: A Sartorial Emotional Landscape.”

As we know, fashion comes in cycles, reflecting the mood and politics of each era. Free love abounded during the 60s and 70s: everyone was more laid back, y’know? Joining a cult was no big deal. Wild times meant wild, wide flares.

Now we have…Extreme Ripped Riot Mom Rigid Jeans, featured here in Sand. Yeah…I don’t know, but they look hot and have cool yet arbitrary rips in them!

See Also

Get them here:

6. Burgundy Disco Skinny Jeans, Pretty Little Thing

These jeans are fun and budget friendly. Less workable than the commonplace blue and black, burgundy is often unfairly relegated to beta-status in the land of denim.

Burgundy bestows a certain gravitas upon its wearer. When I see someone in burgundy jeans, more often than not they’ve paired them with something interesting. Why? Because burgundy jeans are the thinking person’s jeans. They require time and effort in order to avoid looking like a giant wine stain.

Wear them with a chunky knit and some decorative books…or actual books you are using for your actual studies.

Get them here:

7. High Waist Acid Wash Mom Jeans, Bershka

These jeans remind me of a 90s Calvin Klein ad, full of beautiful people in crisp, white tees and laid-back denim. I wonder what became of all those white t-shirts…

The best of 90s denim has now been given a modern, playful twist: more tapering, more rips and frays, more bleach. These Bershka jeans are sexy but fun, with a high waist and an artful hole in one knee. Admittedly that knee is going to get a little chilly, but fashion, right?

You don’t need my help on this one. Google 90s Calvin Klein and you’ll know how to style these, with minimal effort and max hotness.

Which pair of fun jeans are you longing for? Let us know in the comments below!

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