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10 Pairs Of Earrings That Are To Die For

Earrings are such a great complement to all of our outfits! The perfect pair of earrings will add a touch of elegance, playfulness or style to your looks every time. For those girls out there who can’t seem to have enough of this jewelry essential, here are ten pairs of earrings that are to die for. If on the other hand you haven’t pierce your ears, we give you ten good reasons to do it!

1. Golden Hammered

This pair of earrings is made out of golden metal shaped in two half circles. The smaller circle is plain golden, but the second one it’s a bigger circle that has a gorgeous hammered effect. This pair is a perfect complement to add to your more elegant looks.

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2. Feathery Hoops

Take a little twist on the traditional hoop earrings! Add some long feathers to your basic hoop earrings to have a pair of statement jewelry you can match with simple outfits to give them a bolder effect.

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3. Never Enough Prints

Matching prints was never that easy with this pair of earrings! Combining four different circles, two with black and white vertical lines, one with a pastel-tones marbled effect and the other one in a turquoise crackled with gold, these earrings will go amazing with your wear to work outfits!

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4. Matisse Eyes

Inspired by The Cut-Outs exhibition in London, Matisse influence has arrived to jewelry land. Here we bring you this face silhouette pair of earrings made out of a brass face and sterling silver. This pair of earrings is definitely a must if you are a fan of statement pieces!

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5. Monarch Fly

Worth of a queen this Monarch butterfly earrings feature an intricate design in silver or gold. Whenever you use this pair you will feel as if you were heading straight to Coachella because of their glamorous and outdoorsy vibe!

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6. Celestial Sun And Moon

An asymmetrical pair of earrings on which you will find a big moon opposite to a glam sun made out of a golden color. These long earrings are made of a chain of stars, a sun or moon followed by a big sun or moon depending on the side. These ones are made especially for those girls who are always in the stars!

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7. Rainbow Shower

If you love crystal colors this is a pair for you! You can also find these silver statement earrings in a lilac mix, blush mix or a shower of colors. When you use these earrings it will give you the illusion of crystals floating around resembling a halo because of the way the pave crystals are placed.

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8. White Flower Chains

These white flower chains will refresh your looks by giving it a natural vibe. These long earrings are made out of delicate and realistic flowers united by a gold chain with touches of silver and gold. You won’t know if you are wearing a piece of jewelry or a part of nature!

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9. Small Flowers

While we like big earrings, we are also fan of smaller but cute ones such as this double flower mini spring pair. You can find these earrings in gold, silver gold or rose gold color, whatever fits you the best! This pair will go perfect when you have a fashion-forward look but want to keep it simpler in the accessory area.

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10. Look At Me

This evil eye beaded tassel earrings will not only look great on you but will also offer you extra protection for your everyday! Combining delicate tones of blue, light blue, gold and white add this pair to your everyday looks to add a touch of playfulness!

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Are you in love yet? Let us know which pair was your favorite in the comments!

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