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10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

celebrities, 10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

Over the course of time, fans have wished for certain celebrities to get together as couples. This term for this is called “Shipping”, which is defined as a person wanting two fictional characters from a book, TV show, or movie to end up together romantically. “Shipping” can also be applied in real life for celebrities and normal people too. Some fans of these shipped celebrities even dedicate a lot of time to creating social media accounts with photos, videos and montages posted; create ship videos, and write fanfiction. 

It is important to note this article isn’t about celebrities who dated in the past, but fans still ship and wish never broke up. All of the listed celebrities below have tight friendships (although two pairs have dated each other technically) with the person who fans ship him or her with. 

With that being stated, here are 10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet:

Of all the celebrities that fans want to end up as a couple, the most shipped pair is that of Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet. Ever since the future Oscar-winners starred in the 1997 film Titanic as Jack and Rose respectively, fans and critics have praised both of their performances (Winslet received an Oscar Nomination for her portrayal of Rose), especially their chemistry. Fans were left wondering if the two were a couple, which both have denied and stated that they are close friends. 

Even 22 years after Titanic was released, Leo and Kate are one of the most popular shipped celebrities to this very day. Kate has been married three times and has three children (one from each marriage) while Leo has never married (or had any children), but has been in many high profile relationships with other female celebrities. The 2008 film Revolutionary Road is the only other film Leo and Kate have starred together in post-Titanic

Any interaction between the two instantly lights up social media. While their deep friendship is definitely #friendshipgoals, fans are waiting for the day Leo and Kate will finally get together and married. If that happens, the internet will officially break. 

2. Emma Watson & Tom Felton:

In real life, Emma Watson and Tom Felton are close friends and are not enemies like their on-screen characters Hermoine Granger and Draco Malfoy respectively are in the Harry Potter franchise. The friendship between these two celebrities goes back to almost 20 years ago when production for the first of eight Harry Potter films began . 

The close friendship between Watson and Felton has left fans wondering if there something more between the two in real life. The name for this ship is “Feltson”. Watson has admitted in the past that she had a massive crush on Felton during production of the first two Harry Potter films. Meanwhile, Felton has denied reports of a romantic relationship with his co-star, he has said that the two hang out a lot but don’t post about it on Instagram all the time. However, when either Watson or Felton post anything of just them two hanging out, Twitter and Instagram are lit ablaze as fans comment if the two celebrities are finally dating each other. The video below is a montage of photos and video clips of the two from their Harry Potter years to the present day.

3. Rihanna & Drake:

Both singers have never stated publically if they ever dated or not. The two celebrities have had a complicated friendship and relationship since they first met in 2005. Romance rumors surged after Drake famously professed his love for Rihanna as he presented her the Vanguard Award at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards (see the video below). However, in a 2018 interview with Vogue, Rihanna revealed that the two aren’t friends at the moment, but aren’t enemies either. 

4. Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley:

The chemistry between both actors in the film The Fault in Our Stars left fans wondering if Elgort and Woodley were seeing each other romantically. While they are not dating (Elgort has been in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan since 2012), they are close pals. The two have also co-starred together in the Divergent film franchise. 

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

5. Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth:

Lawrence and Hemsworth became close friends after starring in The Hunger Games films as Katiness Everdeen and Gale Hawthrone respectively. While fans debate whether Katiness should have ended up together with Gale or Peeta at the end of the franchise, many began shipping Lawrence and Hemsworth to be a couple in real life. 

Although they were never being a romantic item (despite the rumors), Lawrence has admitted that she thought Hemsworth was hot and that they made out several times offscreen! In addition, Hemsworth has stated that Lawrence has helped him get through another rough breakup with his on-again, off-again partner Miley Cyrus (who is rumored to be jealous of the close bond between the two co-stars). With the recent news that Hemsworth and Cyrus are divorcing after less than a year of marriage, there have been rumors circulating that one of the people Hemsworth is leaning on post-split is Lawrence!

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

6. Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran:

Both Grammy-winning musicians have been friends since they first meet in 2013. The two have even collaborated together in the past for several songs. Although both celebrities are currently in long-term relationships, that hasn’t stopped fans from wishing Swift and Sheeran to be a romantic item. Sheeran denied the dating rumors in 2017 interview with August Man Magazine.

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

7. Lupita Nyong’o & Michael B. Jordan:

These two celebrities caused several storms on Twitter for their cozy body language and antics at press events while promoting the 2018 Marvel Superhero film Black Panther. During said events, Nyong’o and Jordan would often sit next to each other and exchange several friendly taps and touches. In addition, their running gag which allows the Oscar-winner to orders Jordan to on-demand pushups at any time (due to winning a bet against him) left fans questioning whether they were just close friends or if they were now a couple. Although Nyong’o and Jordan have stated they are close friends, Black Panther fans still ship the two celebrities to be a romantic item. Fans will wonder if anything romantic brews between the two by the time the Black Panther sequel comes out in 2022.

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

8. Mindy Kaling & BJ Novak:

Of all the celebrities that fans want to end up together, the pairing of Actors and Writers Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak is also among the most popular ships. Unlike most of the dream ‘ships that made this list, Kaling and Novak dated (on-again, off-again though) in real life for several years. Their relationship happened for several years while their show The Office was airing. Although they are no longer a romantic item, both have stated they are real-life best friends with each other. 

Despite their deep friendship and past romance, fans still want Kaling and Novak to be together end-game. Before and after the birth of her first child (a daughter) in December 2017, Kaling has refused to reveal publically who the father is. As a result, this has left fans constantly speculating that father of Kaling’s baby is Novak. Although, Kaling has revealed that Novak is the godfather of her daughter, hardcore The Office fans refuse to believe the statement. 

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10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

9. Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson:

Both singers are members of the beloved boy band One Direction (although the band hasn’t officially split up, they have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2016). When the band was together, all of its members (including when Zayn Malik was still part of the group) were extremely close with each other and fans noticed how tight the friendship was between Styles & Tomlinson. 

Hard-core One Direction fans have theorized that the two were secretly in love with each other and dubbed the supposed relationship as “Larry Stylinson”. Larries, the name of fans who strongly stan “Larry Stylinson” have spent many years chronicling and analyzing every microgesture and millisecond of every interaction between both celebrities. The video below is one of many “Larry Stylinson” moments videos on Youtube made and edited by dedicated Larries. Before and after the band went on hiatus, both Styles and Tomlinson have debunked all the “Larry Stylinson” theories.

Even former member Malik squashed the rumors in of his first interviews after leaving the popular boy band. In the same interview, Malik implied that the hype surrounding “Larry Stylinson” has affected the way both Harry and Louis interact with each other when in public. 

The Larry Stylinson hype has died down since One Direction’s hiatus, but has recently surged after a controversial scene in an episode of Euphoria depicted an animated version of sexual intercourse between Harry and Louis. The scene made fans angry for several reasons and sent social media ablaze. Even Tomlinson stated on Twitter that HBO never reached out to him about including the scene depicting the popular ship and even if they did, he wouldn’t have approved of it. 

10. Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron:

Tyler Cameron was a fan favorite on the most recent season of The Bachelorette as he competed against 29 other men for Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s heart. Fans adored Cameron for his undeniable chemistry with Brown, handsome looks, feminist beliefs, and friendly personality. He even defended the bachelorette on-and off-camera when she was being slut-shammed by villain Luke P. (on-Camera) and online by viewers as the show aired (off-camera). Bachelor Nation fans have shipped Brown and Cameron as “Tannah”. When the popular suitor made the final two, fans hoped that Hannah would accept his proposal. 

The dramatic Season 15 finale left fans stunned when Hannah chose Jed Wyatt (the other finalist) over Cameron in the final rose ceremony. However, the bachelorette called off the engagement while the show was airing due to the release of the People Magazine article of Wyatt having a girlfriend during filming. The show concluded with Brown asking Cameron out on a date on After The Final Rose, which he accepted. Tannah fans hoped that this could lead to the reconciliation between the two romantically.

While the two new celebrities went on the date, things between the two are now complicated. Both they have stated post-show they want to remain in each other’s lives as friends (while seeing if anything could happen romantically again), Cameron has been seen on dates with other women (besides Brown) and has recently been rumored to be linked to Gigi Hadid. While Cameron and Hadid aren’t officially a couple yet, it has been claimed that Tyler isn’t ruling anything out romantically with Hannah either. Tannah fans hope somewhere down the road in the future that both Hannah and Tyler will find their way back together romantically. 

10 Pairs of Celebrities that Fans Will Never Get Tired of Shipping

From these pairs of celebrities that fans will never stop shipping, which one do you really want to see end up together? Be sure to let us know which of these pairings of celebrities down below in the comments section!

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