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10 Pairs Of Boots You’ll Definitely Need This Fall

10 Pairs Of Boots You’ll Definitely Need This Fall

10 Pairs Of Boots You’ll Definitely Need This Fall

The shift into fall fashion is always so fun every year. The only issue is when you don’t have the wardrobe you wish you had because you cleaned it out or just hadn’t bothered to buy certain pieces. To help you in figuring out your fall wardrobe here are 10 pairs of boots you’ll definitely need this fall.

1. Dr.Martens

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times after, Dr. Martens are one of the staple pairs of boots for fall. They are timeless and are offered in a variety of styles to match whatever your aesthetic is.

My personal recommendation for your first pair of docs would be to grab a pair of their classic 1460 combat style boots. These boots are an investment though at $140 a pair but they will last you for years and years so it is definitely well worth the price tag.

Dr. Martens

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Dr.Marten 1460 Smooth Women's

2. Rain Boots

They always talk about the spring showers but sometimes fall is just as bad depending on where you live. These are one of the pairs of boots that you can get in so many different designs that you have a virtually endless selection when it comes to rain boots.

Rain Boots

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Hunter's Red Rain Boots

3. Knee High Boots

These are absolute classics when it comes to pairs of boots for fall. These boots can be classy or casual, dressed down with blue jeans or dressed up with, well, a dress. 

This is another one of those super timeless styles so if you wanted to make an investment in a good pair of knee-high boots then go for it!

Knee High Boots

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Knee High Boots

4. Thigh High Boots

These are slightly unlike their predecessor in that these pairs of boots are a little bit more trendy. Though they’ve made it for a couple of years, since these boots are still relatively newer in style, I wouldn’t say to go off the deep end and spend $150 on them.

After seeing these on so many celebrities though, most notably Ariana Grande who paired them with oversize sweaters and was the epitome of comfortable chic, I couldn’t possibly skip over recommending these for fall boots. 

Thigh High Boots

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Thigh High Black Boots from Pretty Little Things

5. Riding Boots

Riding boots, I honestly can’t get enough of these. They are very similar to knee-high boots in that they are both knee-high, but these are firmly casual, unless you’re going to a barn wedding then totally rock these.

These boots paired with a cute sweater and a pair of jeans will never fail!

Riding Boots

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Brown Leather Riding Boots Sam Edelman

6. Duck Boots

Yes, this next in our list of pairs of boots are actually called duck boots. When I first found out I was incredibly confused but the name honestly fit the shoe so what can you do expect buy a pair and put it on with your favorite fall outfits.

Duck Boots

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Sperry Women's Duck Boots

7. Stacked Heel Ankle Boots

Another super classic. If you don’t already have a pair of these then I suggest you run out and get some right now. 

They are comfortable and stylish as heck, though they are firmly casual or maybe business casual.

Stack Heeled Ankle Boots

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Stacked Heel Ankle Boots

8. Chelsea Boots

These boots started in men’s fashion but, as girlfriends often do, we stole them from their closets and started wearing these pairs of boots all fall.

These are super casual and business casual shoes, they’re incredibly easy to pull off if your style leans a little masculine some days.

Chelsea Boots

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Aldo Brown Chelsea Boots

9. Dressy Heeled Ankle Boots

These pairs of boots are incredibly good to have in your closet. If you want to look a little dressy but you don’t see stilettos or a pedicure in your future you can opt for a pair of dressy ankle boots.

Dressy Heeled Ankle Boot

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Dressy Heeled Ankle Boots

10. Statement Ankle Boots

This last in our pairs of boots might be a little more investment but honestly, if you’ve hit every other point on our list, then this is your next step. These boots will have your Instagram going wild, everyone is going to dm you to find out where to grab a pair of your boots.

In any outfit, you’re going to have to let these boots speak for themselves by going for something all black or all white.

Statement Ankle Boots

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Embroidered Ankle Booties

Are there a pair of cute fall boots you just can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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