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10 Pages Where You Can Find Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to help make college more affordable and avoid student debt. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find scholarships, even though there are often many available. Here are 10 great pages where you can find scholarships.


Niche is a great resource for anyone who is interested in higher education. You can find information on colleges as well as plenty of resources for scholarships. If you are just starting to consider higher education, and are unsure how to start your research or what your options are, this is a great website visit. Niche allows you to filter extensively as well, so you don’t have to waste time looking through scholarships you may not be able to apply for.


This site is a massive database for scholarships. You can search and filter for scholarships, as well as create a profile. This allows you to get the best results when looking for scholarships and get regular updates. This is a great place to look if you want to apply to many scholarships, and having a profile will make your search and application process much easier. This page is also really helpful for researching schools you want to attend and will give you detailed statistics regarding the school, including tuition, housing costs, and other expenses. These statistics can sometimes be difficult to find, and with this site, you can find them compiled all in one place.


This site will help you find scholarships that are personalized based on your field, interests, and experience. The site helps with collage planning, including resources for scholarships, loans, and how to set up a financial plan to help you pay for college. This is a great place to look if you are really unsure about where to start with your financial planning for college, and what options you have with scholarships, and loans.


Chegg is a great resource for students. Not only does it have study guides, internship opportunities, and test prep resources but it also has a variety of scholarships. This is a great place to look because it is an established site that has plenty of scholarships you can easily explore. You can also filter the scholarships on the site, and have access to thousands of scholarships you can apply for.


Cappax boasts that it is the nation’s largest scholarship database, with multi-billion dollars in scholarships available to students. If you are looking to find the most comprehensive database for scholarships, Cappax is a good place to start. This site also has information on colleges, including if you are thinking of transferring. This is another great resource for students because it is designed to help with various parts of the college process. You can also create a Cappax profile when applying to the scholarships and stay up to date on all new scholarships and your application status.


The College board is definitely familiar to those who take AP tests, but the site also has scholarship opportunities for students. The college board’s scholarship program doesn’t require an essay or a minimum GPA, and it states it values initiative and effort when awarding scholarships. This is a great program to look into because the college board is a very established organization in the college process, and if you are worried about your GPA not being high enough to reach the minimum for many scholarships, this can be a great solution.


Peterson’s is another great scholarship database to look through. The site has thousands of scholarships available and allows you to filter and search by type. This is a good site to check if you want to find a wide range of scholarships. This site has many scholarships for larger public universities, but not as many for smaller private schools. This site also has mostly school-specific scholarships for you to search, which can be great if you know where you want to attend. If you are unsure about where you are attending school or simply want general scholarships that apply to more than just one school, this site doesn’t have as many options, and you may want to use a large database for your search.

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Unigo has thousands of scholarships you can apply for. You can make an account on this site and manage your applications through Unigo. This site also provides options for easy and monthly scholarships, which often don’t require an essay. This is great if you want to apply to many scholarships, and don’t have time to write dozens of essays. This site also offers its own unique scholarships, with essay prompts ranging from typical, to “what would you do in a zombie apocalypse”.


Fastweb is a major scholarship database that often has large scholarships available to students. You can create a profile on this site and apply to a large number of scholarships, and be up to date on any new scholarships that are posted. This site also has information regarding applying for financial aid, scholarships, and other resources for students before they go to school. Fastweb also has resources for internships, student jobs, and student loans. This site is another resource that you can use to apply to many scholarships and can help you understand the best way to navigate the financial aspect of college.


Tallo matches students with scholarships that are specific to their accomplishments and interests. You make a secure profile on Tallo and you can be matched to scholarships that are best suited for you. This site also has a blog that contains a lot of helpful information regarding scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Tallo can be accessed by universities, companies, and students, and is meant to be a hub that connects all three groups. This is a great website if you are unsure of what scholarships you may be qualified for, as it will match you with scholarships.

Are you applying to college and looking for scholarships? What are some of your favorite pages to find scholarships? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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