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Kendall & Kylie Collection: for PacSun

Kendall & Kylie Collection: for PacSun

The Kendall & Kylie Collection for PacSun has launched! It’s full of the fresh and fun vibe that we would expect from the 17 and 15 year old sisters born and raised in the Golden State. The casual looks reflect the fashion-conscious teenagers’ personal style which is undeniably influenced from the laid-back personality of California, and perfectly falls in sync with the brand image of PacSun. Trendy yet easily wearable, these looks would be stylish and appropriate from the classroom to the beach to the boardwalk at night.

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I’m loving the breezy look for summer-the trick is to never look too put-together! If you’re wearing a cute fitted dress, be sure to pair it with worn leather sandals, messy beach-hair, and a couple of your favorite accessories like a slouchy bag or a statement ring. If you’re taking it from beach to street, you can leave on the bikini if you throw on some denim shorts, an off-the-shoulder tee, and switch your flip-flops for booties. But who really cares what you look like when you’re active and having fun! So ready for Summer 2013. =)

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