10 Packing Tips For A Month In Europe

10 Packing Tips For A Month In Europe

Packing – you either love the excitement that comes with it, or if you’re like me, it brings feelings of discomfort and anxiety. Will I forget my passport? Should I bring another pair of shoes? For anyone leaving for Europe for a month, here are some tips that I find useful in terms of packing.

1. Don’t overdo it

A month really isn’t all that long. Don’t pack every single outfit in your closet.

2. Bring enough t-shirts

Don’t underestimate the heat of Europe, or the simplicity of t-shirts.

It’s normal to want to bring your best outfits on a trip where you’ll be taking copious amounts of pictures. I get it. But whenever you just want to throw something on and go, you might be annoyed with yourself if you only brought two t-shirts.

3. Cash Pouches

Not all places in Europe are big on credit cards. Make sure you have ample cash on you from when you leave for Europe, and also make sure you have certain designated places for your cash.

For example, bring two wallets with you on the trip. Keep half in one, and half in the other. This ensures that in the unlikely case that something goes wrong and you lose one of your wallets, you have not lost all your money.

10 Packing Tips For A Month In Europe

4. Prepare outfits in advance

If you plan out outfits for nights out, day activities, and just lounging around, you’ll be able to figure out a rotational system among the things you really want to bring. I’ve found this helps avoiding over packing.

5. Adapter

If you want to save yourself a trip to a European convenience store and save your euros, buy an adapter from home. You won’t be able to charge your phone without it, which is definitely problematic.

6. Roll your clothes

If you’re the type who is absolutely 100% going to pack more than they need no matter how many packing tips you get, you’re gonna need to roll your clothes. Rolling everything minimizes the space that each item takes, and gives you the chance to fulfill your dreams of bringing your entire wardrobe with you to Europe.

7. Outfit change in carry on

The only thing worse than a dead phone in a foreign country is no clothes in a foreign country.

Now, I know we all think it could never happen to us, but it sure can. In the unfortunate scenario that your luggage does not meet you at the airport of your European destination, you’re going to want to have an extra outfit on you in your carry on.

8. Bring a school bag with you

What is Europe without daily excursions and exploring whatever beautiful country you’re in?

Bringing a backpack may be something that many people neglect, but it comes in handy once you get to Europe and start booking tours and trips. Europe is a lot of walking, and you’re going to need a nice big water bottle on you, your cash, a sweater, and probably your passport if you’re leaving your hotel for a few days. The school bag is pretty important; don’t forget it.

10 Packing Tips For A Month In Europe

9. Sealable bags

I usually recommend bringing your own face washes and creams, just so you don’t end up spending money on things you could have brought from home. Your luggage gets tossed and turned while travelling without you, and the only way to ensure that it doesn’t become a huge mess is with sealable bags.

The dollar store has really good cute ones; you could probably get a pack of three for a dollar!

10. Lock

A small lock is ideal for your luggage. You never know; I’ve definitely found mine to have been rummaged through before. Give yourself the peace of mind that in it’s long commute, no one has touched your things.

10 Packing Tips For A Month In Europe

Will you be using any of these for your next trip? Do you know of any other packing tips? Let us know in the comments!

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