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10 Things To Pack If You’re Studying Abroad In Africa

10 Things To Pack If You’re Studying Abroad In Africa

Studying abroad is an incredible and exciting experience that you want to be prepared for. Make sure to pack all the essentials for your trip to Africa!

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting things college has to offer. You see, up till college, some of us have never gotten the opportunity to see other cultures in the world and experience life outside of “the known”. Speaking from experience, I can say studying abroad has been quite an experience, some might even say bittersweet. One moment you are exhilarated by the mere thought of crossing the street and the next you are breaking down in tears because you can’t seem to find authentic jollof rice (true story). This article hits close to home for me because I am from Africa, more specifically Nigeria, so pay close attention; like they say “I got the inside scoop”, so grab a pen and paper and lets dive in. Here are 10 things you need to pack if you are studying abroad in Africa!

1. A Travel Plug Adapter

Most chargers and/or electric cords would not fit in the AC receptacles available in African countries, especially those from North America; so you will definitely need one of these.


2. Toiletries, Makeup, And Personal Necessities

This is for those of you who are brand loyal. You’ll want all your trusty essentials in the event you don’t find the exact brand in Africa.                                                                                                                                

3. A Good Mosquito Repellent

This is compulsory to avoid being bitten.


4. That Being Said, Anti- Malarial Drugs Are A Must-Have

It is advised to start taking the pills a few days before travel.

5. Torch-Lights And/Or Rechargeable Lamps

Depending on the country you are going to, there might be regular power outages so don’t freak out and be prepared.


6. Long Sleeve Shirts And Pants

Advisable for going out in the evenings to prevent insect bites.

7. Money And/Or Hard Currency

Electronic payments are not that common in some African countries, so it is better to have little cash on hand. ATMs are also an option.

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8. Lots Of Summer Clothing And Sunscreen

It can get really hot, so best be prepared. Depending on the time of the year your trip is, rain gear may also be needed, along with a compact umbrella.


9. Africans Can Be Really Fashionable So Pack Nicer Clothes, You Wouldn’t Want To Look Odd

10. A Travel Journal And A Camera

You’re going to want to document the memories!


Studying abroad in Africa? We've got your checklist on what you need to pack!
These are 10 things you’ll definitely want to pack if you’re studying abroad in Africa. Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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