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PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

Each zodiac sign is as unique as all the parts of Pace. If you ever wondered what part of Pace is most like you, keep reading for your daily horoscope.

1. Capricorn & Aries

(December 22 – January 21) & (March 22 – April 21)

The Bee Sanctuary

Capricorns and Aries can be(e) a lot. However, at the same time, they are usually a necessity in our lives.


Pace has turned into a Bee Sanctuary, which means we have Bee Boxes and specific plants, flowers and trees planted to promote the Bee population.

Capricorns live to bring protection into our lives the same way Bees do. And Aries bring the same amount of energy that running from the Bees do.

Capricorns also have the same exploding effects as the Bees. Containing their emotions until they’re ready to let it all out, basically what the Bees do with pollen and their stingers.


PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

2. Aquarius & Scorpio

(January 22 – February 21) & (October 22 – November 21)

The Solar Tree

These two have more in common than we think. Aquarius and Scorpio bring creativity, rejuvenation and overall beneficial emotions and qualities into our lives.


Pace finally utilizes solar energy with our new Solar Tree. With its creative design and the rejuvenation, it brings to our campus’ architecture it is a perfect horoscope match for Aquarius and Scorpio signs.

Making it even more like a Scorpio, it appeared as mysteriously as a Scorpio tries to.

This decision to create our solar tree seems almost as spontaneous as an Aquarius’ impulses.


PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

3. Pisces & Virgo

(February 22 – March 21) & (August 22 – September 21)

Pace Ducks… for very different reasons.

Pace Ducks has become a viral, real-life game, of a scavenger hunt… for ducks!


Pisces is the sign of the fish, but that has only little relation to this horoscope of ducks. Pisces’ are pretty unpredictable, and so are Pace Ducks. You can find them ANYWHERE. Pisces’ are also very creative, as is the person behind Pace Ducks.

Virgos on the other hand, are very detail-oriented, and that’s the side of Pace Ducks we don’t always see. Coming up with the idea and putting it to work, takes a lot more work than most people give credit for. This goes for Virgos too, they don’t get enough credit.

PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes


4. Taurus & Libra

(April 22 – May 21) & (September 22 – October 21)

Choate Pond

If your horoscope sign is a Taurus or Libra you know you love to procrastinate.  And where is the best place to procrastinate at Pace? Choate Pond.

Fun Fact: Sitting outside, in nature, is scientifically proven to help stop procrastination and increase brain function.


Like Choate, Taurus and Libra’s are laid back and are known for their calming qualities.

If you need some time to cool down and don’t have a Taurus or Libra to run to, go to the next best thing, Choate.

5. Gemini & Leo

(May 22 – June 21) & (July 22 – August 21)


The Honors Lounge

Filled with smart people, who can be mistaken as pretentious, the Honors Lounge is basically a room built from bricks, Leos and Geminis.

Gemini, known as the sign of two faces, is extra connected to the Honors Lounge. This is because the Lounge also doubles as the LGBTQ+ Center.

It’s also, ironically, the place to go for any Study Abroad needs. And as it turns out, Leo’s are known for traveling and adventures.


The honors lounge is always busy, a trait both of these signs know too well.

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PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes


6. Cancer & Sagittarius

(June 22 – July 21) & (November 22 – December 21)

The Mortola Library

As soon as you walk into the Mortola Library you feel a range of emotions in the air. From stress to sadness to sleep deprivation to adrenaline, it’s as emotional as a Cancer and Sagittarius daily.

And like Sagittarius’ everyone in the Library tries really hard to hide their emotions. Except for that one student (the Cancer) who always seems to be letting it all out.


Both of these horoscope signs are also known for their smarts, so the library is a perfect description for them.

PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

7. All the signs

The Saker Falcon at the Farm

Like Geminis, Saker Falcons are double-sided. Not literally but, they do have two names. Saker’s also go by Falco cherrug.


The Saker Falcon doesn’t dive down to catch its prey, it takes a more horizontal approach. This original way of being a Falcon is just like a Libras way of not conforming to any standards. This type of analytical thinking makes them similar to Virgo’s too.

The Saker sometimes goes after prey that is much larger than itself. Similar to the very confident Capricorn. And like, Aquarius’, never afraid to take any risks.

But, most of the time, this falcon sticks to smaller rodents and even insects. This isn’t them not being brave, but resourceful and playing it safe, like all the Sagittarius‘ I know.


This falcon also tends to nest in other birds’ creations. Some would say lazy, others, like the very similar Leo, would call this smart. Finding these empty nests that fit them isn’t as easy as it seems. Signs like Taurus’ are very observant, therefore very similar to the Saker.

Due to all the white and light colors that make up a Saker, it’s very noticeable, just like Scorpio’s and Aries’. Not for their feathers, but because of the way they all hold themselves. Scorpios stay hidden in the shadows, while Aries’ are always the center of attention. These two signs together describe the attack tactic of the Saker.

Saker Falcons are also very nurturing. Both the mother and father play and teach their babies for over a month after they were born. Like Cancers, they seem to have very comforting, emotional, motherly/fatherly instincts. Pisces are very nurturing, gentle, patient and playful as well.


PACE Pleasantville Campus As The Horoscopes

Which Horoscope sign did you agree with most? Let us know below!

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