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Oversized Sweaters 101: Styling Do’s And Dont’s

Oversized Sweaters 101: Styling Do’s And Dont’s

Oversized sweaters – we all know and love them, and we all have probably got at least 1 in our wardrobes just waiting to be noticed and worn. Continue reading to discover the styling do’s and dont’s when it comes to oversized sweaters, and you’ll be looking stylish in no time!

A Beginner’s Guide To Oversized Sweaters

We all love oversized sweaters; they add a lot of warmth, allow free movement and they let us layer our clothing to our heart’s content. There are so many ways that you can include an oversized sweater (or two) into your wardrobe.

Wear an oversized sweater during the colder months of the year, or opt for an oversized sweater, that you can style out as a jumper dress and team with your favourite barely-there heels for a night out on the town.


When deciding what type of oversized sweater to go ahead and purchase, it is important to choose an oversized sweater that is not bulky, and to remember to wear them with style and confidence.

The Do’s

  • Do let your oversized sweater naturally sit on or fall off your shoulder
  • Do let a long, thick oversized knit double up as a coat
  • Do accessorize
  • Do keep the sparkle subtle on an oversized sweater
  • Do think about layering possibilities – Doing this will help you decide if you want a thick, chunky, oversized sweater, or a more lightweight sweater. If you are looking for a sweater to wear over several layers, you may want to get a sweater that is less chunky. Lightweight, oversized sweaters are great to throw on during the warmer months, and big, chunky, oversized sweaters look great during the colder months!
  • Do wear oversized sweaters with form-fitting bottoms – A good rule of thumb is to keep the bottom half of you looking more tailored. It helps to keep your look more balanced, and it gives you that effortlessly chic look.

The Dont’s

  • Don’t stretch your oversized sweater further by forcing it over your shoulders
  • Don’t mix motifs – The wrong oversized sweater can all too easily sabotage your style and instantly age your look in photographs, so tread lightly with bold and bright patterns. Ideally, keep them to a minimum.
  • Don’t choose an oversized sweater that is bulky
  • Don’t be afraid to explore both the men’s and women’s departments to find the perfect oversized sweater for you, and your body
  • Don’t buy a larger size – Instead of just ordering any sweater a size or two up, pick sweaters that are specifically designed to be oversized. Simply ordering up a few sizes will give you an oversized look, but sleeves that are too long and awkward will make it look like you accidentally ordered the wrong size.

Find Your Perfect Oversized Sweater For Any Season

You do not have to save your favourite oversized sweaters for only the cooler months of the year.

The grey marl california slogan oversized sweater from Pretty Little Thing makes a fantastic transitional piece because you can layer it over a camisole, or a heavier shirt without adding any additional bulk.

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Choose the v-back oversized jumper, from Boohoo, for any season too. It’s pastel, lightweight, breathable and perfect for a flirty light look!

Other retailers such as Missguided, Asos and New Look also sell some amazing oversized sweaters that be loved and worn during any season, and any type of weather. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your purse and get shopping now, to find the perfect oversized sweater for you!



Do you love oversized sweaters, as much as we do? Share your styling tips in the comments below!

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