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10 Overrated Fashion Trends That Need To Stop In 2021

10 Overrated Fashion Trends That Need To Stop In 2021

Fashion trends come and go, but some really should stay in the past. Sometimes I wonder where people come out with some of the terrible fashion trends. Here are 10 overrated fashion trends that I really hope don’t carry over to 2021.

1. Chunky Sneakers

Sorry to the people that own these, but I just really think that these shoes need to go. I don’t understand how these have become stylish to own as they are just really unattractive. People tend to pair these shoes with high white Nike socks, which just make me cringe even more. They are so popular among teens and college-aged students so someone please explain to me the appeal of these shoes? These are the type of shoes that you see on TV dads from the 90s so not sure why they were brought back now.

2. Bike Shorts

Another trend that I truly do not understand became popular. Yes, bike shorts are comfortable, but shouldn’t they be for working out or as the name suggests riding a bike? People are wearing these shorts as normal, everyday wear. I would honestly rather put on a pair of leggings or spandex shorts instead of the mid-range bike shorts. Save the biking shorts for the gym and wear something else for pants instead.


3. Bermuda Jean Shorts

I have one question: WHY?! Why do long shorts have to be a thing for the younger generation? These should strictly be reserved for women over the age of 40. As a short person, these shorts look absolutely hideous on me as it looks like I have no legs at all. Can we just stick to short-shorts, please? If you want longer shorts just wear capris!

4. Plastic Heels

Another trend that we can thank the Kardashian’s for starting up. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for reusing plastic and saving the environment. However, when it comes to wearing heels made out of plastic, I really don’t understand the big appeal. The funny thing is a lot of the plastic heels cost a lot of money even though they look like someone could literally DIY them at home. Why spend your money on plastic shoes? Also personally I wouldn’t really want people to be able to see my whole foot in a clear plastic heel.

5. Bucket Hats

Tik-Tok definitely played a part in the comeback of bucket hats. For some reason, a lot of Tik-Tok famous people began to post videos of themselves in bucket hats and people just slowly began to follow the trend. I feel like every Gen-Z person owns a bucket hat. I really don’t know how some people can pull off bucket hats and look good because when I try one on I look like I’m going fishing. Let’s please just say goodbye to these hats in 2021.


6. Birkenstocks

Okay here is my plea that Birkenstocks will fully die off in 2021. These are just another pair of dad shoes that should never have been trending in the first place. I know that people say that they are comfortable and that they’re just an easy option, but there are a ton of other shoes to choose from.

7. Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottom jeans were not designed for people under 5’5. As a short girl, I would really appreciate it if we didn’t bring these type of jeans into 2021. Mom jeans are cute and so are skinny jeans so why do we still need bell bottoms? Tall people can definitely pull these off, but what about us short people? They either are too long and baggy or too short; there’s no in-between.

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8. Crocs

I’m sorry but if you own a pair of Crocs and wear them in public, I will lowkey be judging you. The fact that Crocs still exist in this decade baffles me. Like Birkenstocks they may be comfortable, but they just look ugly. You deserve to wear cuter shoes. These may be the worst pair of shoes to ever exist. Also can we just take a minute to think about long socks with Crocs? Even worse than wearing Crocs themselves. It shouldn’t even be a question if Crocs should be gone in 2021. To the people that designed Crocs, why would you release these into the world?

9. Denim On Denim (The Same Shade)

Denim On Denim was popular in the 90s but somehow was brought back this decade. Denim jackets and denim jeans are cute, but in my opinion, they should be worn separately. Wearing both at the same time is just a bit too much denim. If you’re going to a 90s dress-up party, then denim on denim would be fine but otherwise, it should be a trend left in the past. However, I think denim on denim can work with different color shades of denim.

10. Low-Rise Jeans

Low-Rise jeans also reemerged from Tik-Tok. There were so many Tik-Tok videos of super skinny girls trying to bring back low-rise jeans to show off their body and just how skinny they really are. I don’t have a real problem with these jeans, but all of these girls just made it seem like only skinny girls could wear them, which is really messed up. There shouldn’t be a pair of jeans made for one specific body type. Honestly, I prefer to wear high or mid-waisted jeans just because I’m more comfortable in them. The trend where only super skinny girls can wear low-rise jeans really needs to be gone.


Here’s to hoping these trends will disappear in 2021! Overall, 2020 hasn’t been the most exciting year for fashion as people are basically stuck in their house wearing sweats and t-shirts. I’m praying that 2021 will bring in some exciting new fashion trends that will brighten people’s moods up a bit after having such a rough year.

Do you also agree that these fashion trends need to go in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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