10 Outrageous Desserts That Will Make You Want To Travel

There are amazingly outrageous desserts out there just waiting to be devoured. Here’s a list of 10 desserts that will totally make you want to travel!

1. Round Rock Donuts’ Texas Sized Donut

They say that everything is bigger in Texas and this donut proves it! Found in Round Rock, Texas, the Texas Sized Donut is glazed and gigantic. It costs the same as a dozen of their regular sized donuts, so go big or go home!

2. Black Tap’s Crazy Shakes

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada and a few places in New York, New York, Black Tap puts together milkshakes unlike any other. They offer 6 insane creations with names like Brooklyn Blackout and the Bam Bam Shake, making them milkshakes that you won’t soon forget! 

3. LAVO’s 20-layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake  

Could this be what dreams are made of? Boasting 20 layers, it’s perfectly made with Devil’s Food cake and peanut butter mascarpone. You can find it LAVO Italian Restaurant and Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada for $13 a slice, which is pretty reasonable considering it’s infinite decadence. This is definitely an outrageous desserts worth traveling for!

4. Afters Ice Cream’s Milky Bun

The Milky Bun can be found at Afters Ice Cream in various locations throughout California and it is definitely worth the drive. A delicious glazed bun is stuffed with one of their unique ice cream flavors and then…get this…sealed back up and heated on the outside for the ultimate hot-cold dessert experience! It even gets topped with things like cookies and sprinkles to make it even more awesome (as if that were possible).

5. Industry Kitchen’s Pop Candy Land Pizza

The Pop Candyland Pizza is the culinary creation of Industry Kitchen in New York, New York. These outrageous desserts are made with rainbow crust, cream cheese frosting and then topped with pop rocks and cotton candy it’s deliciously sweet. And almost too pretty to eat!

6. TacoSweets’ Ice Cream Tacos

The prayers of taco lovers have been answered with this seriously satisfying dessert! TacoSweets of Austin, Texas presents to you the ice cream taco! Choose from one of their 8 amazing concoctions or get creative and build one of your own. Who ever thought that tacos could actually get better?

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7. Little Damage’s Silver and Black Ice Cream Cones

Little Damage of Los Angeles, California serves up various shades of yum with their charcoal- activated ice cream and cones! Made in small batches, there is variety of unique ice cream flavors that allow you to get adventurous and they always have one vegan option on the menu. Their cones are even hand-rolled once you order them so you know they are fresh! If this gray isn’t your thing, don’t worry. They also have some options for those that need a little color in their life.

8. City Cakes’ Half Pound Cookie

Also located in New York, Mew York, City Cakes is definitely worth traveling to and not just for their cakes. They also bake some delicious half-pound cookies! Yes, you read that right: half-pounders! They offer fabulous flavors such as Sugardoodle and Macamochip Nutella-filled. Bonus: if you can’t travel to them, these hefty cookies can travel to you via City Cake’s online store!

9. Circus Eats’ Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos

Who doesn’t love circus fare? Circus Eats, a food truck and catering company of South Florida, creates some of the most mouthwatering circus desserts around! On the menu is their Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos which makes traveling to find their food truck totally worth it! 

10. Alinea’s Edible Helium Balloon

You’ve never seen a balloon like this before! These outrageous desserts are a true wonder created by the unconventional restaurant, Alinea, located in Chicago, Illinois. Made from taffy and filled with helium, the balloon is 100% edible (string included)! Now that’s road trip worthy!

What are some of your favorite outrageous desserts? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Weheartit
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