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Outfits You Should Plan On Having In Your Wardrobe This Fall

Hope you are having a great time soaking up that summer sun. Be careful, because fall is just around the corner. So enjoy your summer now, but be prepared for what fall will bring. The leaves are turning brown and the air is getting colder. Now I’m positive you have experienced the fall before, so I’m sure you have a basic idea what to expect. You just need to remember that whatever fall brings, you should be fashionably prepared for any event. Some clothes from the summer may make an appearance, but you have some new outfits to craft for this time of year. A lot can happen in the fall and here are the outfits that should be in your closet in the upcoming months.

1. Casual

No matter the time of year, you should find time to relax. Catch up with some friends and do something fun. You might stay in and binge watch a tv series or go out for some window shopping. You should be dressed so that you are comfortable. Don’t worry about looking especially hot or about trying to impress anyone important. You can never go wrong with a trusty t-shirt. Bottoms can be a little more difficult this time of year. Some days may be warm enough for shorts, other days might require pants. To play it safe, just go for some cotton pants that are very breathable. Then add some sneakers, no makeup or jewelry necessary. It is time to just chill out and just not think for a few hours, but still looking great.

2. First Day of School

First impressions are always important. The first day of school is one of the biggest first impressions out there. It may not be your first year attending a school, so your classmates may already know you. However, it has been a couple months and you might have changed over the summer. So on the first day of school, either show who you are with your outfit, or remind people of your beauty. With a first day of school outfit, you shouldn’t try too hard. Wear something that you feel makes you look hot, not what society says makes you look hot. Go with colors that will make you pop. Maybe some clothes that show off your body in the best way possible. And check the temperature, because you don’t want to be sweating or shivering. It can be just tight enough so that you feel confident. After all, confidence is the best accessory, especially when you are leaving a new mark. This will set the tone for the rest of the year, so go for an outfit that says you are ready for anything.

3. Professional

Outfits can give off a variety of messages, and that message might be that you are a boss. Summer may have felt like a time that was a little more relaxing, with vacations and the heat. Now is the time to really buckle down. You could be starting a new job, ready to make a name for yourself at your current job, or maybe school is the place where you want to be taken seriously. The key to a professional outfit is to look mature. The classic combo for this vibe is a blazer and a button up. This is a jacket and shirt that look incredibly powerful when put together. On bottom you can go with a pencil skirt or some fitted dark pants, whichever is more your style. Don’t go for too many accessories, as they may look a little more like playing dress up in these occasions. Try just one necklace. Make sure there is not a hair on your head out of place and get ready to reach your goals.

4. Formal Event

Never forget to dress to the nines if the situation asks for it. There are a variety of formal events you may have to go to in the fall. You might have to go to a wedding, or a school formal, or any other type of celebration. It is time to look your very best and try to impress. A dress is your best option for these types of occasions. It is not summer any more at this point, don’t go for a short dress. Go for something a little longer, maybe past the knee. Then do some warm colors to match the season and the atmosphere. Wear some high heels, but first vet how long you will have to stand or dance to know if your heels will be more about fashion or comfort. Put some sparkly jewelry on, put your hair up in a style like an updo, and your outfit is ready to make some jaws drop. This is your moment, make it count.

5. Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays of the year and it involves a lot of people. You will be sitting down with all of your family and being thankful for those around you. It may involve fending off some awkward questions or some political fights, so at the very least you should look cute. This is fancier than most of the other dinners you will have this fall. However, this is not some elegant gala. You should make sure your outfit is right in the middle of normal dinner and elegance. Try a mid length dress in fall tones, like orange or purple. Don’t go for anything too tight, this is your family after all. Some fall themed jewelry would go great with the outfit to make you the best dressed. Have a happy holiday and be thankful for cute outfits.

6. Date Night

The air may be getting cooler, but it can still be heating up with that cutie catching your eye. Your date outfit will mostly depend on where you are going. What you wear when you go out to dinner may be different from what you wear playing mini golf. Just remember the air might be too cool to wear those short skirts and crop tops of the summer. Go with some classic jeans that accentuate your legs in the best ways possible. Then go with a cute sweater that is not too big and baggy. You should try to look your absolute cutest. Some cute booties on your feet and simple jewelry will create a great outfit for a date. It will combine down to earth qualities while looking hot. This is an outfit that should fit most date scenarios as it is fairly versatile. All that’s left is to bust out your charming personality and win your crush over.

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7. Party Time

Your weeks may be busy during the fall, but that just means you have to let loose on the weekends. You might go to a party with your friends or maybe you can spend your Saturday night clubbing. Who knows where the night will take you? One thing’s for sure, you have to be dressed for the occasion. You can’t just show up to a party in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt. You should give off a look that is a little wild and a little sexy. A dress is always a safe bet to achieve that goal. Something a little tight, but not too outside your comfort zone. Don’t forget that it is a cold season, so you should probably put some tights or leggings underneath the dress. A cute jacket will help with that party outfit while staying warm. However, make sure the jacket is not too warm if you are around a lot of people. High heels are the expected choice for this outfit, just make sure you know how to walk and dance in them. If not, there are still some cute flats or fashionable boots you can pick up. Let your hair free so you can go crazy. Get ready to hit that dance floor, stay out late, and party like there is no tomorrow.

8. Halloween Costume

Of course, if we’re talking about outfits in fall, we can’t forget the most important one of all. The outfit to rule all other outfits. You will need a Halloween costume. It is a time of year where you can be your craziest, sluttiest, or funniest self. So make it count. There are different ways to approach this look. You may not want to do a lot of preparation and go as a simple black cat. Maybe you want to get some attention and dress as something sexy. Maybe you want to show off an interest and dress like a favorite character. There is also the option to do a group costume and make it a bonding experience with your friends. Whatever you decide on, make sure you can get it in time. The possibilities are endless and it is all about your goals for the night. Maybe you are going out to a fun party or trick or treating with a younger sibling or just watching scary movies with your friends. Whatever you decide on, hope you have a spooky Halloween.

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