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10 Outfits You Can Ride A Bike In

Cycling is convenient when commuting every day, but it’s hard to find outfits you can ride a bike in. Riding a bike in these outfits will keep you comfortable, with the pairing of your favorite bottom pieces and flirty crop tops to highlight your style. 

1. Moto Jacket

Edgy moto jackets aren’t just for riding a motorcycle! You can ride your every-day bike in a sleek leather style jacket, with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers. You can also pair this staple piece with a long, light-weight dress or skirt. Accessories your look with sunglasses to protect your eyes, while riding. Wear a watch, to keep track of time and prevent the need to pull your phone out, in between rides. 

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2. Jeans

High waisted stretch jeans are good to add to your outfit when riding a bike. The jeans are sturdy, with extra stretch, to eliminate a heavy feeling. Jeans can be paired with a scoop neck t-shirt or light sweater. On days when the weather is more chilly than warm, you can pair your jeans with a hooded jacket, to help protect you from the kick-back of the wind. 

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3. Blazer

Throw on a blazer, to keep your cycling style sharp! You can opt for a linen blazer, to keep things casual or you can wear a different material like a wool blend, for important events. A blazer will pair well with shorts, pants, and skirts alike. Wear a v-neck tee with a glam handbag or pair your top coat with a button-up and wayfarer shades. 

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4. Shorts

Pair shorts with a long, printed top or a boho dress, for a breezy, hipster-inspired look. If you want to keep it classic, go for a white or navy blue tee. High-waisted shorts pair best with a solid or printed cropped t-shirt or scoop-neck tank. Chino style shorts can be worn with a light sweater. 

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5. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are free-flowing and dressy, but they’re also breezy and light, which are great for cycling through the city. Pair your palazzo pants, with a simple cami tank or a ruffle crop top. This will keep your look light, comfortable, and fun. Spice up your outfit by wearing a printed sweater! 

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6. Skinny Pants

When you’re riding your bike to an important interview or meeting, the best outfit to wear when taking your bike would be trouser work pants. The sleek pencil-style pant looks professional, allowing you to pair them with a button up top, blazer or overcoat. The trouser type style is also available in materials that stretch, for quick and easy wear. 

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7. Long Flowy Skirt

A long flowy skirt in a bold pattern, like animal print and checks, paired with a t-shirt or tank allows you to be free and fluid. This outfit is best for days when you can’t decide between edgy and girly. You can wear your top tucked in or out, depending on where you’re headed! This look pairs best with sneakers and a moto jacket, for chilly days. 

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8. Short Dress

A short dress, paired with your favorite sneakers or mary janes make the ideal outfit to ride a bike in. Wear a pleated balloon dress, or an A-line piece, with all over floral print. Accessorize your dress with a watch or stacked bracelets. You can wear a hat or crossbody bag to add color or texture to your outfit!

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9. Athleisure

Athleisure is the most popular trend when dressing for comfort. Try wearing biker shorts, with a cropped hoodie for easy pedaling and an all-weather cover up. Pair your athletic wear with a dad cap, sneakers  

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10. Cardigan

A cardigan offers the best of both worlds, with the sweater to keep you cozy and the option to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. Most cardigans are made with woven fibers to allow your skin to breathe while creating enough space for constant movement. Pair your cardigan with loafer style shoes or complimenting fedora, for a seamless day look.

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What are your favorite outfits to ride a bike? Let us know in the comments below!

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