14 Outfits We’re Crushing Hard on for This Valentine’s Day

Old and new couples all get excited when it comes to Valentine’s Day. And while guys get the cold sweats as they start planning the perfect date, girls stress out about what to wear for such a special occasion. Well, girls, you’re lucky we’ve got your back! Here’s a pick of 14 outfits we’re crushing hard on for this Valentine’s Day – and we’re sure you’re going to love them too. Get inspired now, thank us later!

Heart Print Shirt & Jeans

This woven heart print shirt from Boohoo is going to literally make you break hearts on this Valentine’s Day. Together with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of boots – or heels, if you wish – it’s the perfect outfit if you’re looking for something casual but cute at the same time.

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Red Tailored Suit

Tailored suits aren’t only a prerogative of the business world: among our absolute favorite Valentine’s Day outfits is that of the extra suit – in terms of colors – like the one proposed by Boohoo. Red tailored trousers, red blazer, lace bodysuit – or a plain t-shirt – and you’re ready to go and be the boss of the night.

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Ditsy Heart Tea Dress

If you don’t know yet at what time your Valentine’s Day date will take place, this dress is at your rescue. Boohoo‘s ditsy heart tea dress is adorable, trendy and, most importantly, it is perfect both for a candle-lit dinner or for a daytime walk. Wear it with a small clutch and over-the-knee boots if your date is at night, and opt for a pair of sneakers and a wicker handbag if you’re going out during the day. You’re welcome!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Polka Dot Wrap Dress

If you want to escape the ordinary this Valentine’s Day by opting for something other than red and pink, then this Zara Polka Dot Wrap Dress is for you. Its intense and peculiar shade of blue will definitely make you stand out on this special day!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Longuette Satin Dress

Satin and red are two words that should always go together. This red satin dress by Zara is definitely one of the best Valentine’s day outfits of the year; its soft fitting and its wanted simplicity create a perfect dress if you are aiming at something that isn’t extra but that is still trendy.

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Contrasting Lace Dress

For the lace aficionados, Zara has the answer. This contrasting lace mini dress is a nice compromise between a mini and a midi dress, as its two layers of different length and fabric overlap. The external lace layer is designed almost like a shirtdress, with buttons running from the neck and halfway down the dress. Pair it with ankle strap sandals and you’re ready to go!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Heart Print Maxi Dress

The chicest dresses are the long ones, every fashion-addict will tell you this. If you’re aiming at being elegant on this Valentine’s Day, then this is the outfit for you. The heart print maxi dress by Forever21 is definitely one of the outfits we’re crushing hard on this Valentine’s Day – and the little hearts are so cute!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Sheer Tiered-Ruffle Dress

Black is always a good idea, especially if you spice it up with some extra details. This mini sheer tiered-ruffle dress by Forever21 definitely falls in our list of the best Valentine’s Day outfits. It’s a playful dress, but the black color tones down its extravagant traits and fabrics. Basically, you’ll look like a classy doll!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Satin Lace-Trim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are still a big trend in 2019, and the right occasions to flaunt them are night outs that call for elegance. That’s exactly why this satin lace-trim jumpsuit by Forever21 is part of our favorite Valentine’s Day outfits of 2019. The lace details on the upper part serve as a cute ornament for a classy jumpsuit. Wear it with a pair of decollete heels, but get creative with the color of your shoes – you can dare a little on Valentine’s Day, right?

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Black Choker Maxi Dress

This choker maxi dress by Missguided might seem “too much”, but we couldn’t include it in our favorite Valentine’s Day outfits. Sure, it’s not something you’d wear for a stroll in the park or for a casual dinner, but if your partner has decided to take you out on a fancy date, then you can feel totally entitled to wear something like this. And yes, you will turn heads.

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Plaid Blazer Dress

You want to be the boss but a boss who wears a dress? Then this blazer dress by Missguided is what you need. And the plaid design is trending everywhere this year – with this dress you’re really catching two birds with one stone!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Polka Dot Mini Dress

Brown is an underestimated color, but this mini polka dot dress by Missguided demonstrates that this color can be fashionable too. Aside from design and color, though, the shape is really what serves as an attention-grabber: the dress wraps you gently around your waistline, highlighting your silhouette. It’s definitely one of our favorite Valentine’s Day looks!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Plaid Mini Skirt & Cozy Sweater

Skirts are always a good outfit idea for dates. This plaid mini skirt by PrettyLittleThing is one of our best picks. Wear it with a cream chunky sweater and you’ll be ready for your Valentine’s Day date. And what’s more, this outfit will keep you warm too!

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Pink Satin Midi Dress

This one’s for the romantic dreamers out there. Flaunt this pink satin midi dress by PrettyLittleThing for a romantic night out, and your date will only have eyes for you.

Our pick of our favorite Valentine's Day outfits

Aren’t these just the best Valentine’s Day outfits out there? Let us know in the comments below which one you’ll be sporting this year for your romantic date!

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