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5 Outfits To Wear On A Lazy Day You’ll Want To Wear Too

It’s raining outside, you have nowhere to go, you took a day off on a Monday, whatever the case may be, you are feeling straight lazy today. Are you someone who puts your hair up in a bun and lounges in sweatpants, or perhaps you do the opposite and dress nice on a lazy day? The point is, if you are low on energy and just don’t feel like doing anything just as Bruno Mars once sang, then don’t do anything at all. Treat yourself a lazy day, but make sure to wear the perfect outfit for it. There are a multitude of ways to dress good, but I bet you didn’t think of how to dress down and just slip into being yourself. Here are 5 Outfits To Wear On A Lazy Day You’ll Want To Wear Too.

Hoodie and Leggings

During colder weather, it can be difficult to walk out the house and endure low temperatures. When you are staying at home, you want to have some types of outfits to wear. Lazy Day should not be dull and boring, you should keep yourself entertained. It is your day off after all. Lady outfits are defined as that, minimal clothing style. With a hoodie and a pair of comfortable leggings, you are doing yourself a favor by being cozy and casual.

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Adult Onesie

Who says jumpsuits and onesies are only for children? You might think this is childish, but an adult onesie can cheer you up on the laziest day. This might not be the most age-appropriate of all outfits to wear, but it will be fun for you and you can curl up on the couch reading a good book, have a cup of coffee, or take a billion selfies all while in your onesie. If you prefer it, the better term would just to say jumpsuit. Although, fun people would wear their comfortable plush onesie all day, every day. Look for your favorite childhood cartoon character merch and pick out the cutest onesie today.

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T-Shirt and Plush Shorts

Intended for warmer lazy days or when you generally feeling a little hot, a T-shirt and pair of plush shorts will do just fine for a lazy day outfit. Even if it’s a lazy day, such an outfit would be good to wear for a small at-home workout. When you feel cold, feel free to throw on a sweater or cuddle up in a blanket. Another good thing about this outfit is that when you are sipping on a hot drink or eating ramen, your body temperature will cool down quicker later on. Check out these cute t-shirts and shorts down below.

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Camisole and Sweatpants

In contrast to the other outfit, a camisole top and a pair of sweatpants will be fine to wear as one of the outfits to wear for your Lazy Day. If you decide to make a quick trip to the grocery store, you won’t have to worry about changing your clothes. Cotton fabric sweatpants not only keep you warm but they also won’t trap heat as much as flannel or fleece would. On warmer summer days, wearing sweatpants with a camisole top won’t be an issue either because you will still be cooling down.

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Sweatshirt and Denim Shorts

Opposite of camisole and sweatpants would be wearing a sweatshirt with shorts. Basketball shorts or midi shorts go together on Lazy Day. Some people like to have their tops warm, others hate when their legs get cold. Such as wearing a t-shirt and shorts, a sweatshirt can be a better choice for you. Do you have a favorite college sweatshirt or brand that you like? Show it off on your lazy day even if you will just be on your own.

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Which outfit would you try on? Comment down below!

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