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The Top 5 Outfits To Wear On A First Date

Going on a first date can be nerve-racking, and picking out the perfect outfit to impress your date can be a challenge. You want to impress the person you are about to be seeing, but you also do not want to appear as if you spent all day picking out an outfit and getting ready. Finding the right balance for the first date as well as a versatile outfit that can go well with multiple occasions is key. Whether it is a blind date, someone you have known for a while, or someone you met off a dating app, you still want to make sure you look your best for the first date. Nowadays, you might not know exactly what the date will entail from the beginning, so having an outfit that can be worn on a variety of date ideas is the best way to be prepared for your first date. At the end of the day, wear whatever makes you not only feel your best but look your best as well!

1. Leather Blazer And Ripped Jeans

This look is a rather common outfit to wear on a date night, but it is common for a reason. A black leather blazer is perfect for looking stylish and sophisticated, yet not too professional as if you are going to an interview or a day at work. You can pair it with any bodysuit or tank top underneath, depending on your personal preference, and some slightly distressed jeans. I would stay away from the highly distressed jeans on a first date, as you are trying to look your best and want to make a good first impression. The faux leather blazer is the star of the outfit, and all you have to do is decide if you want to dress it up or down, depending on the location of your first date. This is also a very versatile outfit for last-minute decisions or if you are running short on time to get ready for a date because it can be worn to so many places!

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2. Loose Sweater And Jeans

This is the perfect outfit for a casual first date with little pressure on the occasion. Maybe you got “asked out,” but you are not sure if they were actually planning a date or want to be friends, or the date is to get some coffee or involves a lot of walking around. No matter the scenario, you can be prepared to look cute and feel comfortable for whatever date you have ahead of you! If you are going on a nicer date, you could dress this outfit up in heels and some nice jewelry, but if it is a more casual date you can wear it with sneakers and your hair up in a slicked ponytail or messy bun. Having this versatile outfit prepared ahead of time for any laid back date is a great option to have!

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3. Sweater Dress And Thigh-High Boots

Wearing a sweater dress and thigh-high boots have become increasingly popular within recent times. This is a great first date look regardless of where you are going because it looks so nice yet is comfortable and has a casual feel to it. Thigh-high boots instantly make any outfit appear nicer and more put together, yet adds a level of comfort and relaxation to them. This outfit is perfect for a nice dinner or going to see a show together. It is also a great first date outfit idea if you already know the person you are seeing so you feel comfortable wearing such a bold, fun outfit when first going out. Wearing a dress on a first date may seem over the top, but a sweater dress creates the illusion that you are dressing up while staying comfortable, which is super important when going on a first date.

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4. Ruffled Top With Pink Heels

This first date outfit is perfect for comfortability while still looking sophisticated and put together. The sharp, pointed pink high heels paired with jeans creates a relaxed feeling for a date while still being stylish for making a good first impression. This white, ruffled top is perfect for a first date because it is a nice blouse for any occasion yet is still enjoyable to wear all day or night. If you are wearing a neutral top or bottom, adding a bold color to the shoes is a fun way to make the outfit stand out and look great. If you aren’t into wearing a bold outfit or a statement piece, this bright shoe with a neutral top is the best way to go for you!

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5. Sparkly Mini-Skirt And Thigh-High Boots

Wearing a sparkly mini-skirt might be a bold choice for a first date, but if that is your aesthetic, then go for it! This cute skirt paired with a comfortable knit top and thigh-high boots is perfect for a first date that involves going out somewhere nice where you can show off your outfit and your new date! The comfortable top and cozy boots will balance out the sparkly skirt for not only comfortability but also wearability: no matter the weather, you should be good to go in this outfit! This is a great first date outfit if you already know the person you are going out with, as they will already know your personality and style better than if it is a blind date or someone you met on a dating app. You can dress it up with accessories, hair, and makeup, or dress it down with a messy bun and little to no accessories. Whatever you choose, know that this stylish outfit will make an amazing first impression while getting back in the dating scene!

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Which of these looks will you be trying out for your first date? Let us know and share your style in the comments below!

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