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10 Outfits Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Villains

Growing up, we all wanted to be a Disney princess at some point or at least liked them. And when it came to the Disney villains, we all ran screaming and hated their guts. But as time went on and we grew up a little, we came to realize just how formidable the Disney villains actually are. Not only are Disney villains usually the comic relief, but they also have a killer sense of style that we never really knew how to copy… that is until now.

We all have our favorite Disney villain. For me, it’s a toss-up between Cruella and Yzma, both for different reasons. Have I ever dressed like them? No… well, maybe Cruella if you count Halloween. Have I ever wanted to dress like them? Absolutely, I just didn’t know how! Pull inspiration from your favorite Disney villain and see how to dress like them below!

Ursula//The Little Mermaid

Ursula is in everyone’s top 5 favorite villains, so sad but true. Ursula is a giver, and I don’t blame Ariel for falling for her magic sea-witch powers, I mean, look at her. Not only is Ursula absolutely hilarious and an absolute queen, but she has some killer fashion sense — hello red lipstick! 

 If you want to channel your inner sea-witch, the most significant thing here is purple and black! Ursula is a classy lady, so her style would work best for a night out or a date night. Wear a form-fitting, sleeveless dress in black or a dark purple. Pair your gorgeous dress with a pair of simple heals and wear chunky gold jewelry to emulate Ursula’s necklace! 

Ursula’s signature, though, is her makeup! If you’re feeling bold, go for a blue eye or incorporate purples and aquatic colors! Finish off the look with a bright, red lip and don’t underestimate the use of body language!

Copy this look:

Dr. Facilier//The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier is one of those villains a lot of people forget about because he isn’t a “classic” villain, which is a shame because he is one of the best! Not only is his style unbeatable, but he is also based on a real Louisiana legend. The Voodoo King might seem familiar to you American Horror Story fans and guess what? Dr. Facilier is based on the Voodoo King! 

To emulate Dr. Facilier’s whimsical style, you’ve got to like purple. Purple is this guy’s prominent color and his outfit is varying shades of it. Lucky for us, oversized blazers are in style, and a purple over-sized blazer would be the perfect piece for a Dr. Facilier inspired outfit!

Pair the oversized blazer with some burgundy or aubergine pants and a purple cropped top, and you’ll be looking like the Voodoo King! If you’re hesitant to wear a monochromatic look, feel free to add some depth with blacks and reds as these colors make appearances in the details. 

You can even amp up the outfit with scull and bone accessories when it comes to jewelry such as the necklace! Finish off the look with some white shoes to add some variation. Are you ready to meet the Shadow Man on the other side? You better be!

Copy this look:

Cruella De Vil//101 Dalmatians

Cruella is arguably the evilest of all the villains. She makes puppies into coats for crying out loud! But she is also my personal favorite villain. Cruella is iconic, and even though she is the most unethical, you have to admit that if those furs were faux, she would be the best-dressed villain of them all. 

Lucky for us, Cruella’s look is one of the easiest to recreate, and it won’t look campy or too obvious. Cruella’s look is also perfect for the colder months approaching because she wears heavy coats. But don’t worry, only faux furs here!

To emulate Cruella’s devilishly good style, all you need a black and white look with a fur coat. Just because Cruella wears a dress doesn’t mean you can’t wear pants, and really that goes for all of these villains!

A really great way to get the Cruella look while encapsulating her high-fashion sense is to opt for some black and white patterned pants. Not only will these act as a symbol for her obsession with dalmatians, but it can also act as a substitute for her two-toned hair! And, of course, don’t forget the faux fur coat! Cruella also has some killer accessories, so don’t forget the emerald jewelry and red accessories! You can even rock a green eye look and red lip if you’re feeling bold!

Your outfit will look so good that you ought to be locked up and never released! 

Copy this look:

Maleficent//Sleeping Beauty

Again, Maleficent is one of those villains that is in everyone’s top five and for a good reason. While she is quite terrifying, Maleficent is also a total badass. Maleficent’s silhouette is one of the most recognizable out there, and she was the OG Mother of Dragons. 

To emulate this queen, bell-sleeves are a must! The bigger the bell-sleeve, the better when it comes to Maleficent. With the 70s-style coming back, bell-sleeves will be everywhere, and there are sure to be huge bell-sleeves in every store! If bell-sleeves aren’t out there enough for you, opt for a cape as those will be huge this season! You can even add little touches of snake print to bring in some dragon inspo!

In case you haven’t seen the pattern yet, the color scheme amongst villains is pretty specific to purple, red, green, black, and blue, all of which are perfect for the colder months! Opt for these villainous colors when it comes to makeup and accessories to be a real Disney villain! 

As a final touch, put your hair in some space-buns to emulate Maleficent’s horns, and you will silence everyone with your big entrance!

Copy this look:

Captian Hook//Peter Pan

Unlike many other villains, Captin Hook is actually hilarious. When you think about it, Captain Hook is your bitter old neighbor who yells at kids to get off his lawn. But he is a fashionable gentleman, and if I learned anything from Captain Hook, it’s now to look good.

Hook’s look is ideal for fall and winter because there is a lot of layering going on. To get Hook’s signature style, look for a red overcoat. Having a red coat is essential for a Hook-inspired-outfit because that is what he is known for.

As for what goes underneath, opt for a ruffled blouse. Having a blouse underneath the overcoat makes this outfit perfect for the office when you need to dress a little nicer than usual and more put-together. 

Finish off this look with some black loafers or ankle boots with some gold detail. Looking this good you might just make the crocodiles begging for your forgiveness! 

Copy this look:

The Evil Queen//Snow White

The one that started it all, the Evil Queen is so evil that it’s in her name. The Evil Queen is one of those classic villains that will forever be seen as one of the top 5 and while her style is a little… retro… it’s easy to make her style your own in a modern, updated way!

To copy the Evil Queen’s style, you’re going to need purple. I wasn’t kidding when I said 99% of villains have purple in their attire. For the Evil Queen in particular, though, opt for a purple maxi dress that is velvet. There’s something about her style that screams velvet, and it is also a very regal material. 

As for the accessories, you’re more than welcome to wear a crown, but if that’s too much for you opt for a necklace with a heart on it. After all, the Evil Queen did want Snow White’s heart, and jewelry might just be the next best thing. And of course, no Evil Queen look is finished without a mirror so look for silver disk earrings that resemble mirrors!

Copy this look:

Gaston//Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is the OG frat boy that is stuck in college. However, he also comes with style and one that is really easy to mimic. No, Gaston is not the idol that anyone should be looking up to and despite what the song may say, we do not want a guy like Gaston… but maybe his style is something we can admire.

Gaston’s look is perfect for fall because he really only wears black pants, a red v-neck, and boots. To copy this style, you might already have a lot of clothing pieces that make Gaston’s look. But if you don’t look for a pair of knee-high brown boots. Pair those brown boots with a pair of black jeans and finish with a red top! If you want to wear this look in the fall, opt for a red sweater with a deep v-neck instead of a short sleeve top, and you’re golden! 

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Copy this look:

Queen of Hearts//Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is by far the most extra villain, I mean she has people paint her roses red. The Queen of Hearts is not only extra, but she’s really scary… one wrong move, and she’ll cut your head off. But I have to admit her style is unique and intriguing, and if I could wear a crown all day, I would. 

To get a look similar to the Queen of Hearts’, stick to the primary colors of playing cards: red, white, and black. Just because you’re copying the queen of hearts doesn’t mean you have to wear hearts! If hearts aren’t your vibe, try implementing the other playing card symbols like a diamond or club.

As for accessories, you have to wear gold because that’s what the queen wears and it’s better not to test her. Even if you aren’t a fan of hearts, incorporate it into your accessories! Wear heart earrings or a bracelet to really bring the look home!

Copy this look:


Jafar was the first Disney male to wear makeup so as far as I know, he started a movement. Not only is Jafar’s eye makeup on point but he also rocks the snake accessories better than anyone and those shoulder pads? Don’t even get me started.

Which is why copying Jaffar’s lewk is one you should definitely try out. For Jafar’s look, the only thing that is absolutely necessary are those shoulder pads. I’m not saying you need to wear shoulder pads that large but they should be there! 

If you want to copy Jafar’s outfit, look for a black wrap dress and a red belt. If you look closely, it seems like Jafar is, in fact, wearing a wrap dress which is super trendy right now. Like I said, Jafar is a man ahead of his time. Opt for a black dress so that you can wear a red jacket over the top that, of course, featured shoulder pads.

Finish off the look with some snake accessories. You can even incorporate snake print into the look if you’re feeling bold! 

Copy this look:

Yzma//The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma is a very underappreciated Disney villain, and she is also one of my absolute favorites. Growing up, I always wanted to be a princess, but now I’m pretty sure I just turned into Yzma, which is 100% better in my opinion. So you know I just had to include her in this list because she is an absolute icon. 

Yzma’s style screams the early 2000s, and maybe that’s because the movie came out in 2000. No matter, Yzma’s style is our early 2000s dream and lucky for us, it’s effortless to copy! 

For Yzma’s look, take yourself back 20 years and go search for a halter-neck dress. If the fashion wheel has taught us anything, it is that trends roll back around every 20 or so years, so halter-necks are due to be back any minute. You will also need some black, square-toe shoes which are very in right now, so that should be no trouble to find!

Lastly, add to the look with Yzma’s very extra accessories and giant eyelashes! Wear giant blue earrings and maybe even a purple fur coat to get the feather appearance Yzma is always rocking! Trust me, give the woman a chance, and you will love her too!

Copy this look:

Who’s your favorite Disney villain? Would you copy their style?

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Micaela Schaub

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