Outfits For Each MBTI Personality

The Myer-Briggs Test is not like any other personality quiz. While Buzzfeed can tell us what kind of bread we are by picking our favorite Taylor Swift songs, the Myer-Briggs test offers an in-depth analysis of our personalities. I’ve found it to be a pretty accurate examination. Hopefully, these outfits are also spot-on to your personality type. 

INFJ (The Advocate)

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Hello, fellow INFJs! This often overlooked personality type is idealistic, ethical, and creative. Just think Lexi from Euphoria and Veronica from Heathers. INFJs deserve an outfit that matches their logical, thoughtful personality. Dark and light academia are the perfect types of style for this MBTI type. You’ll want to wear a lot of plaid miniskirts, cardigans, sweater vests, and loafers. And of course, you can accessorize with your favorite book.


ENFJ (The Protagonist) 

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ENFJs, the extroverted counterpart to INFJs, are sociable and empathetic, with a clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Uncle Iroh from Avatar and Harry Styles are two of my favorite ENFJs. If you share an MBTI type with Harry Styles, that guarantees you’ll be stylish. For this MBTI inspired look, you’ll want a colorful shirt to reflect your bright personality. Throw in some hints of light academia; tan fitted pants are the way to go. Prove that you’re the main character!

INFP (The Mediator)

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Sensitive, imaginative, and undeniably caring, it’s no wonder why INFPs are called “the mediators.” Two famous INFPs are Mitski and Timothée Chalamet (you guys win). If you’re an INFP, you’ll want an outfit that’s just as dreamy as you are. Cottage core and grunge are two aesthetics that match this MBTI type. Basics to have include maxi skirts, Doc Martens, layered jewelry, and a tote bag. 

ENFP (The Campaigner)

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ENFPs are all about fun. Everyone needs an enthusiastic, open-minded ENFP in their lives. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family and Little Women‘s Jo March are two very different characters that share this MBTI type. Show the world how fun-loving you are with the clothes you wear. Overalls fit this MBTI type to a T, as well as colored Converse. Layer with a vibrant sweater or crop top.


INTP (The Logician) 

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INTPs are not all business. Though they’re known to be intellectual and analytical, they’re also imaginative and highly independent. Robin Buckley from Stranger Things and Nick Miller from New Girl are both INTPs, through and through. For this logical MBTI type, blazers are essential. Style an oversize blazer with a pair of form-fitting trousers. 

ENTP (The Debater) 

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At first, ENTPs might come across as intimidating. It’s hard not to be taken aback by their bold, innovative, and charismatic personality. If you’re having a hard time envisioning this MBTI type, think Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fleabag from Fleabag. Dark colors and corset tops go well with an ENTP’s cool demeanor. 

INTJ (The Architect)

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Otherwise known as “the architect” and “the mastermind,” INTJs are forces to be reckoned with. They’re dominant, self-sufficient, and most of all, calculating. Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit and Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You are textbook INTJs. Though INTJs might have tough exteriors, they certainly know how to dress well. Light goth or grunge are the go-to styles for this MBTI type. 


ENTJ (The Commander)

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I’m not going to lie, ENTJs scare me a little. Their most defining traits are their strategic nature and decisiveness. While there are a few villainous ENTJs (Eric Cartmen, Nate Jacobs, etc.), you also have icons like Sharpay Evans and Evelyn Hugo. Show everyone who’s in charge: style a black blazer with bold pants and a crop top. 

ISTJ (The Logistician)

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ISTJs are always the brains of the operation. They’re orderly, reserved, and rational individuals, much like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. You’ll need an outfit as sharp as your intellect. Pair a sensible sweater with pleated pants and a button up shirt underneath.

ESTJ (The Executive)

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ESTJs are in charge and they know it. Like Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Regina George herself, you’re a queen bee with a desire for results and structure. Almost every popular girl in cinematic history has this MBTI type (Chanel Oberlin, Heather Chandler, Ruby Matthews, etc., etc.). That said,  old money prep is the aesthetic of choice for ESTJs. 


ISFJ (The Defender)

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You’re just a straight-up sweetheart, aren’t you? ISFJs are fierce and loyal protectors, with a warm, caring nature to them. Pam Beesly from The Office and Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars are two ISFJs from TV. This MBTI type has a soft heart, so a soft aesthetic is called for. Maxi dresses and oversize cardigans would look adorable on you. 

ESFJ (The Caregiver) 

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See Also

If your MBTI type ends in “-SFJ,” you’re probably the nicest person ever. Self-sacrificial, organized, and attentive are three words that best describe you. Like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation and Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, you’ll never turn your back on the people you love. I imagine ESFJs to wear lots of cottage core style dresses, complete with headscarves and strappy sandals.

ISFP (The Adventurer)

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I think ISFPs have the coolest nickname: “the adventurer.” This MBTI type often seeks alone time, giving them space to reflect and find inner peace. Zuko from Avatar and Harry Potter are two ISFPs you will probably recognize. If you want to dress like an ISFP, prioritize comfort over anything else. Baggy pants and hoodies are staples for any ISFP outfit. 

ESFP (The Entertainer)

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I wish I could be as funny as an ESFP. Characters like Joey Tribbiani from Friends and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things give this MBTI type a good reputation. Every ESFP I know is hilarious, charming, and just a tad bit impulsive. When I think ESFP, I think “bright.” A groovy ’70s inspired outfit would look great on you.


ISTP (The Virtuoso)

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If there’s one thing ISTPs like, it’s a challenge. This MBTI type loves to lose themselves in a project, given their spontaneous and artistic sensibilities. Shrek, funnily enough, is an ISTP. Among other ISTP characters are Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Rodrick Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Similar to ISFPs, an ISTP look book includes comfy clothes and neutral tones. 

ESTP (The Entrepreneur)

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If I were to summarize this MBTI type in one word, it would be “opportunistic.” They’re confident, persuasive, and energetic, with a need to take action. Modern Family‘s Haley Dunphy is an exemplary ESTP, as is Santana Lopez from Glee. Looks are important to ESTPs, so dress your best. 


When it comes down to it, an online quiz can’t entirely determine who you are. On that note, you shouldn’t define your style based on the MBTI type you receive. But isn’t it fun to humor ourselves?


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Feature image source: https://pin.it/1yyMYjt