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8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

In need of a virtual night out? We might not be able to physically go out with our friends as much as we might want to, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up dressing up and communicating with our friends during the weekends. Here are some outfits to wear that will make you look cute in front of a webcam or even in real life. 

1. Square collar shirts/dresses

Obviously, on a virtual night out, you will only be able to see your friends through a webcam meaning the focus is going to be mostly your tops. The square collar is a chic cut for shirts and dresses and is perfect for a night out. A dress like this balances the chicness of being a little black dress but with a touch of playfulness with the floral pattern. Floral patterns, in general, are great for nights out if you want to wear as a dress, romper or blouse. A bold lip and necklace will complete this outfit for your night in. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

2. Graphic tees

Graphic tees are one of those wardrobe pieces that you can easily dress up or dress down. In this case, we can easily dress them up for a virtual night out. When worn out with a skirt and boots, this outfit screams attitude. They can easily be modified to your taste whether you let them fade a bit for cut into a crop top. The red leather skirt and thigh-high boots perfectly compliment the edginess of the tee, but it’s up to you if you want to go all out. For a night out, we recommend getting a more fitted tee to keep for looking too casual. Even if you are staying home, you still want to feel like you are going out for a night on the town. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

3. Black long sleeve crop top

If you want to feel a bit more elegant on a virtual night in, you’ll definitely want to go with this black long-sleeved crop top. It’s the perfect top that can easily make the transition from “work from home” to “party at home”. The tweed skirt and tights further compliment that elegance. For makeup, you may want to go with a softer lip or bold to really stand out from your outfit. This makes for the perfect night out if you are having dinner with friends on video chat or even date night under quarantine. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out


4. Leather jackets

Perfectly riding that fine line between edgy and sophisticated, you should definitely consider pulling out your leather jacket for your next virtual night out. Although they are pretty simple in design, leather jackets add plenty of visual interest with buttons and zippers on the sleeves.  In this outfit, it looks great when worn with a gray turtleneck. Neutral tones really are shining here. Of course, you can wear this jacket with anything from dresses, button-down shirts, and tank tops. The best part is that they are pretty lightweight so you will still be able to wear them indoors. By staying in, you also avoid the chaotic coat check scene. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

5. Pink cashmere

If you really want to keep your outfit as cozy as possible, you will definitely be needing a pink cashmere sweater. The soft pink is a shade that is perfect for spring but will still keep you warm if winter is still lingering on. This sweater is also a piece you can wear during the day but still looks great when worn during the night. You might not be able to wear a cashmere sweater in the club, but you can still comfortably wear one in the safety of your home for a fun virtual night out with your friends. For bottoms, jeans look great but you can also get away with wearing pajama bottoms. Honestly, your most comfortable sweatpants would still look great with a sweater like this. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

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6. Denim jackets

Denim jackets have never really gone out of style. The grungey style they give off is honestly timeless and look great for a “going out” outfit. The more distressed the better when it comes to wearing a denim jacket out. This one is also cropped which adds in another element of interest and draws your attention to the gingham pattern of the pants. The white top underneath is also great as a neutral part of the outfit. This entire outfit is already so cohesive. The casual and formal elements really look so well together. What would really complete it is some jewelry so go crazy with necklaces and hoops if you have them. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out


7. One-shoulder top

Want to feel like you are really about to go out with your friends. You will definitely want this one-shoulder top in black. By only having one shoulder, this top is definitely cool and would be perfect to wear out while hanging out with friends. Of course, since it’s in black it really goes with anything. Denim is always a good choice, especially a lighter wash to contrast with the top. For makeup, pastels and a matte lip would like great to contrast with the black top to look even more chic. You will definitely feel expensive even if you are just sitting in front of your laptop only seeing your friends through a webcam. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

8. Berets

If you have always wanted to live out your Parisian fantasy, you can always do so by adding a beret to your outfit. You will certainly look more sophisticated than everyone in the room and adds a sense of mystery. Wearing a black beret with an all-black outfit will always look great, so consider trying it out the next time you are having a virtual night out. The ribbed pattern is refined but still casual, especially when paired with either black trousers or a skirt. Honestly, the power lies within the beret alone, so you and your outfit can automatically look more elegant once you put one on. Having dinner with your friends or a warm cup of coffee, you will look amazing in this outfit. 8 Outfits For A Virtual Night Out

What are your outfit choices like for a virtual night out? Let us know in the comments!