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5 Outfits Every Incoming Freshman Girl Should Pack For College Acceptance Weekend

5 Outfits Every Incoming Freshman Girl Should Pack For College Acceptance Weekend

College acceptance weekend is here and you’re probably wondering what to pack? It’s only a weekend so no need to bring everything with you this trip, leave that for move-in day. However, you should bring a few key outfits to ensure you are looking your best while exploring the campus on your own for the first time.

Read our list for the 5 must-have outfits you’ll need to make it through the college acceptance weekend. Think of this weekend as a test run of what college is really about. Make the most of this weekend by being open-minded to some new experiences while also looking fabulous. Here are our suggestions on what to bring with you to campus:

The standard “I go here” outfit:

It’s college acceptance weekend and you need to make your mark and let every bystander and fellow peer know you got in.  What better way to do that than choosing an outfit with your school logo on it. You deserve every chance to rock your school colors after such a grueling application process. There’s no better outfit to have during college acceptance weekend than one supporting your school!


Items like hats, sweaters, and tee-shirts can be purchased online at your school bookstore website. If your school has a good athletic program it would be great to invest in some athletic fan gear too. You don’t need much just one or two pieces of clothing would be enough. By the end of your time here in college, you’ll be graduating with not just a degree but lots of free events tee-shirts too.

Didn’t have a chance to buy some items before arriving on campus? Just hit up your college bookstore when you arrive. I’m pretty sure it will also be open during the college acceptance weekend for you to make last-minute purchases.

Party Outfit

This weekend you’ll definitely need to pack a cute party outfit. You are in college now and are bound to dive headfirst into the full college experience beginning with the acceptance weekend and that means parties!!!


Word travels fast and whispers of a party even faster. School hasn’t officially started yet so it will be the perfect time to mingle with all of your fellow classmates without worrying about waking up early for class the next day. Packing a cute party outfit is not just a good suggestion but a necessity. If you are new to the party scene it could be a little nerve-wracking at first acclimating. Having a good outfit is just one less thing to worry about it. So don’t forget it!

For the ladies, I highly recommend cute blouses, tanks, fitted jeans, or a biker skirt. Pair it with cute boots or sneakers. Just make sure they are comfortable. Nothing will kill your party mood more than having achy feet.

For the guys: You can’t go wrong with a fresh tee-shirt and dark jeans. Any sneaker will do just make sure they are nice and clean and match your outfit.


Cute Pajamas

Your old ripped tee-shirts and holey sweat pants, while comfortable and broken it, should be left at home during college acceptance weekend. Invest in some cute PJs instead!

Your kid brother or parents won’t be the ones you cross paths within the hallways. It will be all your new peers so you’ll want to look your best even for sleep. Believe me, you will have many run-ins with classmates to and from the bathroom, in the common areas when you’re getting a late-night snack, and during the wee mornings getting ready for class.

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Freshmen are not privileged to the more independent living that upper classmates get to enjoy, like a private bathroom in apartment-style living. Freshmen dorms are set-up to encourage the development of community and to foster new friendships while away from home for the first time. So if you want to make a good impression invest in some new Pjs.

Athletic Loungewear

For college acceptance weekend you’ll definitely need some comfy and trendy athletic loungewear! You will have some downtime to go off and explore parts of the campus you may have missed during your tour. Or maybe you’ll choose to be bold and hang out in the common areas to strike up a conversation and meet some new people before classes start. Whatever the case may be, athletic wear is both casual enough and the better option than hanging around in pajamas all day. Save the Pjs just for your bedroom and make sure to bring some athletic loungewear.

Adidas, Nikes, and Reebok offer trendy athletic wear in stores and online. For cheaper options check out your local TJMaxx or Marshalls for gear at a discount. Make sure to browse the shoe departments for good finds like Nike and Adidas sneakers priced lower than department stores or name brand websites.


Your favorite outfit you own

Bring your uniqueness and personality to college acceptance weekend by making sure to pack your favorite outfit. Whether it’s a pair of ripped jeans and a Jimmy Hendrix teeshirt, your floral cotton dress, or that thrift pair of overalls you have own since your middle school years, bring it with you this weekend.

High school may have been a period of time where you were constantly switching up your image to appeal to friends and raise your social standings but you don’t have to continue that any longer. In college, you really get the chance to explore and work out your own identity alongside your peers. This is a time for you to take the lead and make chooses to benefit only yourself. So what perfect way to embark on this journey than finally being free to truly showcase who You are!

Looking forward to college acceptance weekend? I’m sure it will be a blast and a nice way to dive in headfirst into the college experience. What areas on campus are you most excited to explore? Leave us a comment below!

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