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Outfit Ideas When You Don’t Feel Like Trying

Outfit Ideas When You Don’t Feel Like Trying

Lately it feels like we’re all reaching for an incentive, ANY incentive, to simply get dressed in the morning. With shelter-in-place orders restricting people across the globe from even going outside, staying in our PJs all day really feels like the move.

However, even if you’re feeling down in the dumps it’s still important to keep things as normal as possible, and one way of doing that is by just putting on fresh clothes every day. As basic as it sounds, we can turn to Pinterest and our favorite online shopping platforms for OOTD inspo. However, we’ve got you covered with some easy and achievable outfit ideas for those days where you really don’t feel like trying, but still want to look cute and stylish!

1. Chunky sweaters 

If lazy, loose fitting looks are your thing right now, there’s nothing wrong with embracing them! But don’t reach for that same crew neck you’ve worn for the past three days or the sweatshirt that’s currently crumpled up in a heap on your floor. Replacing baggy athletic garb for something equally cozy but infinitely more stylish will give you a newfound confidence without sacrificing easy comfort! That’s where big, comfy knits come in, so feel free to ditch the ol’ sweatshirt for once.


The nice thing about oversized, chunky sweaters is that you can wear them with almost anything – track pants, sweatpants, jeans, or even over a dress or skirt. But for super cool and cozy outfit ideas using big sweaters, leggings are going to be your best friend. Pair them with riding boots and tall socks, and you’ve got yourself an effortless, comfortable look. Not cold out? Chunky sweaters also work well with demin shorts! 

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2. Athleisure wear

On the other hand, track suits or bougie athleisure can look pretty baller when done right, and this general look can offer tons of lazy day outfit ideas. To me, athleisure means you look like you’re either about to go for a run or binge watch The Crown for 14 hours straight. Mixing and matching track pants or joggers with other styles is a total move when you don’t feel like trying, though, and you’ll look ready to roll with whatever life decides to throw at you! We’re so glad this look entered our lives in the 2010s and decided it was here to stay.

I’m a huge fan of pairing athleisure wear with chic coats in the winter time, along with chunky gold jewelry or beanies. The aesthetic you’re gonna want to shoot for with this is basically “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my black iced coffee”…think Mary Kate and Ashley, or any off duty supermodel. But, athleisure can be done any way, so feel free to get creative with how you mix and match (or stay in the genre)! 

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3. Mom jeans

We’re so glad these made a comeback because mom jeans look good with, well, everything! They also make for super easy and simple outfit ideas on the days where you really just don’t want to think about how you look (but still want the, “You look so cute!” compliments to roll in). 

You might be thinking that jeans are the last thing you want to wear when you don’t feel like putting effort into your look, but the beauty of mom jeans, to put it bluntly, is that they hold everything in without feeling tight! The high waisted cut is relaxed enough without looking overly baggy, giving you a happy medium of put together and utilitarian. Another reason to be on team mom jeans is that there are endless styles to choose from – classic blue jean, vintage, acid washed, ripped, etc. – and each one pairs well with any comfy, casual top. 


Shop the look: Ribcage Straight Ankle, Ultra High Rise Paperbag Waist JeansThe Momjean in Dunstable Wash

4. Babydoll dresses

Throw it back to the ’90s with a classic babydoll dress! This is the ultimate multi-purpose number and is super loose fitting, making outfit ideas simple on even your most bloated of days. Plus, you can wear one of these in literally any time of year; they’re majorly versatile, ranging for short sleeved, long sleeved, to even sleeveless.

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For major ’90s nostalgia, pair your babydoll dress with knee socks and a pair of Dr. Martens or jelly shoes, and then tie a cool demin jacket around your waist. We’re going for Nirvana fan, out here. And while babydolls scream grunge, you can also take them the cute and flirty route by wearing one with a pastel cardigan and flats. Babydoll dresses speak for themselves, though, so consider them your go-to if you ever hit a fashion roadblock and just aren’t feeling creative!

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5. Chambray shirts

When I feel like I’ve run out of outfit ideas or just don’t want to think about what to wear, I almost always reach for a chambray shirt. I think of chambray like a cousin of denim; it’s a material that looks like denim and is made in a similar way (a lot of stores use the terms interchangeably), but it’s lighter and much more comfortable as a result. 

A classic, effortless look is a chambray shirt with leggings and booties, but it also looks adorable unbuttoned with a striped or graphic tee underneath. My personal go-to is loosely tucked into a pair of jeans, but if you’re not feelin’ pants, you can also pair chambray with a bodycon or easy tee-shirt dress –  it even works tied around the waist like a flannel! Plus, chambray comes in pretty much any color variation that you can find jeans in given how closely related they are. Grab one of these for winter, spring, summer, AND fall, and you’re automatically halfway to that perfect effortless but stylish fit.


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Will you be recreating any of these looks next time you’re totally sick of trying? Let us know in the comments which fit is your fave! 

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