7 Outfit Ideas For Every Day of the Week at USC

One of my favorite things about Southern California is how ideal the weather is year-round for almost any outfit. It’s usually not ever too hot to wear jeans, but also not too cold to have to wear a coat. Good weather makes for good fashion, and it’s no secret that LA is a huge hot spot for fashion. As a student at USC, you will definitely see plenty of girls taking that LA style from the streets to campus and looking stylish even for class. So, if you want to learn easy ways to dress well for class without having to overthink it, check out these 7 outfit ideas for every day of the week at USC!

1. Monday

Baseball cap, V-neck, boyfriend jeans, sneakers.

Ugh, Monday. There’s a general consensus that Mondays suck. The regret of what didn’t get done on the weekend sets in when you wake up exhausted, late, and unprepared for class.

But, feeling good about yourself can brighten even a dull Monday. Throw on a trendy LA Dodgers baseball cap and you’ll have a couple extra minutes to sleep that you would’ve spent washing your hair. Add any comfy V-neck or Tee-shirt and some slouchy boyfriend jeans, throw on some sneakers, and you’ll be fashionably ready to get through the day.

Here are some of the best outfit ideas for every day of the week at USC!

2. Tuesday

T-shirt dress and sneakers.

So by Tuesday the week feels like it has actually started and you can put a bit more effort into your outfit, but you still don’t have too much extra time to spare. Contrary to popular belief, dresses aren’t always for fancy occasions. What they are is easy to pick out and put on because they are only one article of clothing. Tee-shirt dresses are also incredibly comfy and extra practical and casual when worn with sneakers.



3. Wednesday

Boho top, jean shorts, sandals.

Hump day officially marks the middle of the week and you’re feeling jean shorts, but need an easy way to spruce up a pretty basic outfit. Boho tops are very on-trend right now, and also very airy and easy to wear. Cold-shoulder, off the shoulder, flowy, or bell-sleeved tops, all bohemian-inspired, and just add sandals to make any pair of plain jean shorts look fashionable.



4. Thursday

Oversized button up, leggings, sneakers.

No week would be complete without a leggings day. But, leggings don’t just have to be paired with a tee-shirt and trainers. Throwing on a button up shirt or flannel instantly makes leggings look much more like real pants. You can also wear a tank top and tie the button-up around your waist for a cute tom-boy look.

This look is commonly seen with sneakers because they are comfiest, but if flip-flops are your thing, they would work just as well. Pairing this look with booties would also be a quick way to dress it up and make more of a statement.

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5. Friday

Sundress, sandals.

You thought you might not make it through the week, but here you are! It’s Friday and you’re in a great mood, so take it as an opportunity to look good and be ready to do something fun after classes let out. An easy sundress with a fun pattern paired with sandals is super feminine and will be a great confidence boost to get you ready for the weekend!



6. Saturday

Tank, button-up skirt, booties.

It’s officially the weekend and you have a bit more time to get ready, so embrace it! Whether you’re going to the farmer’s market at the Grove, shopping downtown, or even running errands, you’ll feel like a real city girl trotting around in your boots made for walkin’. A simple tank or knit crop top with a button up-jean or suede skirt will make you look fresh out of a magazine.  

7. Sunday

Denim on denim.

Sunday funday! Whether you choose one of the million trendy bunch places in LA to go to or you just go to a local café to do some homework, you can’t go wrong with a chic denim on denim look.  


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