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The 6 Outfit Hacks When It’s Time To Flirt

Let it be known that flirty clothes consist of simply clothes one chooses to flirt in. Still, if you’re looking towards the more outgoing aspect when it comes to romance, there are tons wardrobe possibilities you should consider before you decide to head any further. Whether it’s you stunting at a concert because you wanted to feel cute, or actively trying to woo someone special in your life, here are some outfit hacks when you want to flirt for the fun of it. 

1. Form-Fitting Clothes

So you have a rockin’ bod, why not show it? If you aren’t a big fan of toting exposed skin to the masses, try some skinny jeans or a tank top in order to have a bit of a ~sexier~ look. If you’re wearing short sleeved shirts, consider ones with tighter sleeves in order to show off (or pretend you have) the sweet guns of yours that you’ve been holding out on. Leggings definitely count under form-fitting, but if you wear leggings everyday, they’re just so unbearably comfy, try mixing it up a bit by trying say loose jeans and a tighter top on for size. 

2. Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are sexy. No matter your gender or any anxious thoughts you may have to banish about your body, anyone looks good in a stylish jean jacket. Got short hair? Gel it up or back and you look like a greaser come with a motorcycle to take your girl on a date. Got medium hair? Throw in some hooped or chain earrings, don that white V-neck and sweep your preferred gender of dates right off of their feet. Long hair? Throw it up into a scrunchy, put on some black jeans or leggings, and some killer-sharp eyeliner. A touch of lip gloss if you want to look like a blast from the past. You’re ready.

3. Colors That Suit You

Getting color-paletted is outdated, but it’s something that you should definitely consider for yourself. Personally I was terrible at this step so I improvised by asking my mom and my most artistic friends what colors look good on me. The results? You really will notice that when you wear flattering colors, the compliments around you increase.

If your skin tends to blush easily or you have reddish undertones, try wearing more pink. Pale skin, but dark hair and eyes? Dark purple or green might be your thing. Dark skin, hair, and eyes? Go for those oranges, teals, and light purples. Whichever unique colors for your wardrobe you choose, just make sure they actually appeal to you. 

4. Red

Blah blah red is the color of passion… And yet, it’s true. Due to our silly primate ancestors seeking out delicious red fruit, our eyes can’t get enough of the stuff. Or something like that. Whatever the science behind it, there has been a lot of research behind the fact that humans tend to get a little pink under the collar just by seeing someone they like in different shades of red. Don’t be scared to be bold, but I’d take a second of consideration before you decide to don that red lipstick as a part of your look. That stuff is gonna smear on everything, and if not, it’s probably not glossy enough to make anyone particularly eager to smudge it by kissing you ;).

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5. Boots

There’s something about boots that just makes them look cool, to put it frankly.  If you’re going for a feminine look, try some boots on top of leggings. Otherwise, boots with cuffed jeans is an everyday, snappy style. Try some fun statement socks underneath if you’re looking to flash some personality. Those dinosaur patterned green ones are for sure more than a bit nerdy, but you like them well enough and they’ll come off as cute or endearing to your partner if they’re the right type for you.

6. Wear What’s Comfortable

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as long as you’re having a good time wearing it. If you’re looking for love, putting effort into your appearance will reap some rewards certainly, but don’t waste all your time, effort, and money stressing over it. Your end goal here might be to have a good time, but above all else, make sure your priority with fashion and your own appearance never shifts from making sure that you yourself are feeling comfortable and happy. 

What do you wear when you feel like broadcasting a flirty vibe?

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