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10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas Perfect For Spring

In my opinion, spring is the best time of year to have weddings. Beautiful lush scenery, flowers galore and sweet sunsets- is it even possible to have an ugly wedding in the spring? This is why outdoor weddings in the spring season are so popular. If you or someone you know are planning on a spring wedding, here are 10 great outdoor wedding ideas you need to hear about before your wedding day arrives.

1. Bright Bouquets

Bouquets are flowers are a huge focal point in wedding decor, and what other great time of year to go lavish and bold. Bright bouquets are so in season this year and add such beautiful, colourful staples to any wedding. No matter what colour theme or style our wedding is themed, colourful bouquets come in any colour or spectrum you want and add that much more boldness to your wedding.

2. Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are so, so cute and make for a magical, ethereal theme. If you’re not opposed to straying from the traditional veil, a flower crown makes for a great, princessy replacement. With so much room to be creative, floral crowns are great for matching with bridesmaids, attaching a veil too and even matching with your bouquets.

3. Backyard/Garden Weddings

If you’re considering a small, outdoor spring wedding location we love the idea of backyard garden weddings. This one is definitely dependent on your guest count but if you have access to a garden or backyard big enough for your big day, this can be a cozy, intimate alternative to spending big bucks on renting an outdoor location.

4. Fairy Lights for Ambiance

The ambiance is a big deal at weddings. It dictates everyone’s environment, mood and overall enjoyment. Lighting is key. Fairy lights are great for creating a warm, well-lit atmosphere. It generates cozy vibes and makes everything that much more spectacular. They are also great for outdoor durability and easy setup. You will surely have a wedding night with fairy lights galore.

5. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

An obvious staple of an outdoor spring wedding is flowers- of all kinds and colours. Personally, outdoor weddings must always have flowers of some kind and the possibilities are almost endless. Centrepieces, hanging vases, floral lanterns and petals down the aisle, rustic or classy chic- we love any kind of big, floral statement this spring.

6. Burlap Tablecloths and Greenery

For a rustic, outdoor spring wedding we love the idea of a neutral burlap tablecloth and greenery decor this spring. This chic, rustic theme is a great, natural statement at guest tables. Burlap is also incredibly durable and sustainable which makes it a great fabric for any weather and amount of time- not to mention its affordable price!

7. Pastel Brides Maid Dresses

Spring fashion is all about the pastels, and why would this stop when it comes to wedding fashion as well? If you’re looking to find a chic alternative to the classic white wedding dress, or even can’t decide on bridesmaids dress colours, pastels are definitely the way to go. The options are seemingly endless with this one as well, you can find almost any pastel dress to match what you have in mind.

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8. Rustic Floral Wedding Cakes

For spring weddings we love the idea of a colourful, flower themed wedding cake. We especially love the idea of this rustic, barrel wedding cake stand to add a little flair and class to your cake ensemble. Dress up or make as simple as you’d like, this barrel stand opens up so many beautiful options for your wedding cake. And we love options!

9. Ethereal Wedding Arches

A great plus about outdoor weddings is that you get to be the designer of almost every aspect of your special day. This goes as far as even your wedding arches! We love the idea of ethereal, unique wedding arches this spring. We love this bird-cage theme arch ensemble but the best thing is you go as far as designing your wedding arches as personal and unique as you’d like.

10. Rustic Basins Decorations

This idea was so unique and different we had to bring it to you! Rustic garden basins double as unique, outdoorsy decorations for spring weddings. Chose the colour, paint and decorate basins as much as you’d like. We also love the idea of a romantic, candle-lit aura for your big day and this gives you the perfect opportunity to combine ambiance and decor together.

Are you or someone you know getting married this spring? Comment below and let us know which of these spring outdoor wedding idea is your favourite!

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Brissa Harris

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