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20 Outdoor Halloween Decorations That Will Transform Your House

You can go as crazy as you want with outdoor Halloween decorations. It’s one of the holidays when its acceptable to decorate your whole house! Spooky, scary or silly; everyone has a different preference. Transform your outdoor space with these Halloween decorations.

1. Jack O’lanterns

Carving pumpkins is pretty much tradition around Halloween. It’s something that the whole family can partake in. These jack o’lanterns are the standard when it comes to outdoor Halloween decorations. Carve a ton to really make a statement this year! Tip: use tea lights to make sure they stay lit, well into the night.

2. Headstone Graveyard

Forget the idea of boring unmarked graves. You can buy or make really witty ones this Halloween. Place them in the front yard to create a whole graveyard. Use sayings like “I. P. Rainwater 1975-1995” or “Chris P. Bacon 2000-2001”. No matter which sayings you use, you’re sure to get a chuckle or two.

3. Scarecrows

Create your own pumpkin patch in your front yard this season. Make sure you don’t forget the scarecrows! Scatter some hay on the ground, add  pumpkins or gourds and place the scarecrows in between them.  Now you are ready for autumn!

4. Fog Machine

This is one of the easiest outdoor Halloween decorations to set up! The fog machine instantly takes your yard from cute to spooky with the flip of a switch. Paired with other decoration or by itself, the fog machine is sure to make your house one everyone will want to visit!

5. Hay Bales

If you want to make your house more cute than scary, hay bales are the way to go. They look so festive when you combine them with pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows. Think Halloween chic! Plus you can always reuse the bales for Thanksgiving decorations as well. Basically, it’s a two for one purchase.

6. Paper Lanterns

Low key decorations can still make a huge impact if done right. Paper lanterns are a simple and easy way to decorate for Halloween. Simply cut out your own design, or order bags that are already pre-cut. Place tea lights in them and arrange them coming up your walkway in your front yard. Great for small or larger spaces.

7. Black Lights

Elevate your house decorations with a black light. They give everything an eerie glow and if you wear white, you light up! Perfect for an outdoor party or even your porch for trick-or-treaters. Place strategically around the yard for the best results.

8. Etched Pumpkins

Etched pumpkins are a spin-off of the traditional jack o’lanterns. Instead of carving out the insides of the pumpkins, you carve out the outside (without breaking through the rind). It takes a little more skill, but the results are amazing. Plus your pumpkin will last longer than a regular carved one.

9. Skeletons

You can’t decorate for Halloween without skeletons! They are a staple in outdoor decorations. Place full skeletons on the ground or in trees. Have bones or skulls hidden around the yard or coming up from the dirt! If you’re creative, you can also make a skeleton out of recycled milk cartons that you can use year after year.

10. Spider Webs

Spider webs give everyone the chills, especially if you walk through one. The wispy material makes for great outdoor Halloween decorations though! They are great for covering bushes, tree etc. If you’re able to, you can place the webs on your house, so it looks like a giant spider is living in front of your house.

11. Cornstalks

We’re going for Children of the Corn vibes here. Okay, that might be extreme, but a pop up corn field certainly is a way to transform your front yard. Place the cornstalks in a cluster or spread them throughout the area. Use stakes and twine to keep them standing so they look more realistic. You could even create a maze if the space allows.

12. Witches’ Circle

Double, double, toil and trouble! Witches have been a part of Halloween since the beginning. This year, have a witches’ circle in your front yard. Add in a cauldron and dry ice so it gives off smoke and looks real. Don’t forget a broomstick or two.

13. Garage/Porch Faces

Make your house the envy of all the other houses in the neighborhood. These face expressions really turn a garage or porch into a hideous looking monster. It’s a super easy way to put up Halloween decorations without a lot of fuss. Plus, you can reuse them year after year so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

14. Bats

Have some bats in your belfry! Bats are spooky little animals which make them perfect for Halloween. Cut out paper bats for your windows and doors. Make plastic bats and hang them from trees to create a creepy look. Take it a step further with an automated toy bat that “flies” in the air. These little bats are sure to up your decoration game.

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15. Ghosts

We’re talking Casper the friendly ghost or something a little more scary. Ghosts are Halloween decorations 101. They are super easy to make and cost hardly anything! Use a white sheet and put a balloon filled with helium for their heads. Have the ghosts scattered throughout your yard, hanging from trees or peeking out of windows. It’s a great way to get into the spooky season.

16. Coffins

Dracula will be coming for a visit when you have a coffin at your house. They can be an investment but if you’re really into Halloween then it’s worth it. Some even come with the vampire included! Keep it in your driveway or by your porch to get the best reactions. Think about placing candy in it on Halloween for the trick or treaters.

17. Mummies

Mummies are kind of scary, we admit it. If they came after us, we’d run for sure! They sure do get the heart racing, especially if you aren’t expecting them. You can buy them at the store, or if you’re really good with paper mache, you can create your own. Place them near your porch to take visitors by surprise!

18. Pumpkin Arch

Pumpkins just make everything a little bit more colorful during the fall. There are a lot of ways to incorporate them into outdoor Halloween decorations. One of the pretties and creative ways is with a pumpkin arch. The realistic, plastic pumpkins work best for this DIY project. It will take some time to put together but trust us, the results are definitely worth it!

19. Bones

Nothing would be creepier than finding bones in your front yard. It’s a great way to decorate smaller spaces, as the bones are on the smaller side too. You can leave them scattered around the area or place them in a pile. Put a sign that says “here lies (insert name)” next to them. Low key effort with big time effect.

20. Strobe Lights

Make everything a little extra spooky with strobe lights. It can play tricks on your eyes, seeing one thing and then another. Shadows become things that go bump in the night. Set a timer so they aren’t flashing all night long, because that might cause a headache or two.



What is your favorite type of  outdoor Halloween decorations? How do you decorate your house for Halloween? Comment and share with us below!

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