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10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

It’s hard to come up with outdoor date ideas when you live in the middle of nowhere. Some couples might be able to spend the nice weather going to the beach or to one of those outdoor concerts you always hear about, but what if there’s absolutely nothing for miles where you live? Take it from us and give one of these outdoor dates a try!

1. Picnic And A Stroll

A picnic and stroll is a classic romantic combo, but it often gets left behind in the desire to go “somewhere.” With nowhere else to go, however, there’s no excuse not to try this on your next date. Pack your and your S/O’s favorite foods and a blanket, pick out a romantic spot where you won’t be interrupted, and spend the day talking and laughing as you sample foods in the sun.

After your meal, you and your sweetheart can hold hands and take a leisurely stroll in the spirit of every romance movie ever. It’s sure to make you appreciate the middle-of-nowhere atmosphere and the nice company.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

2. Stargazing

If you know the weather will be clear one night, take advantage by finding a spot with a good view of the sky (whether that’s in a field, in your yard, or on your porch), lay out some blankets or bring a folding chair that reclines, and enjoy the beautiful stars with your S/O. If you want to upgrade the experience, there are plenty of free apps available for your phone that will help you and your S/O identify and learn about different constellations.

Bonus: if you search for meteor shower dates online and are able to plan a date around one of those, the two of you can enjoy a show without having to drive an hour to see a movie.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

3. Hiking

You don’t have to be an athlete to go hiking. The great thing about a hike is that you can set the difficulty level by simply choosing where you want to go: a mountain climb for more dedicated enthusiasts or a nature trail with a clear path that you and your S/O can casually walk.

Wherever you decide to hike, make sure you’re both properly dressed and prepared. Nothing spoils an outdoor date like sunburn or poison ivy.

4. Go For A Bike Ride

Riding a bike is something everyone learned to do as a kid and most of us don’t have time for now that we’re busybody adults. But what’s the point of going on a date if not to make time for something that you wouldn’t otherwise do? Bring out your inner kid and invite your S/O on a bike ride. You’ll both have the added bonus of being able to consider the date as your workout for the day.

What if you or your S/O don’t know how to ride a bike, you ask? Don’t worry: the one that does know gets to play the sweet role of tutor. If neither of you knows, it can be a fun (and potentially hilarious) learning experience.

5. Camping

This is another date idea that can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. You can go all out with a tent, fancy equipment, and a campfire, or you can pitch a blanket fort in the backyard and eat microwaved s’mores. Your camping trip can last a weekend, a night, or just one evening—as long as you and your S/O spend time and have fun together, the purpose will be fulfilled.

Need something to spice up your camping trip? Search online for some campfire songs or ghost stories to entertain each other with. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make up your own.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

6. Visit A Park

Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, there’s usually at least one park within thirty minutes of your house. Is it extravagant? Maybe not, but if it’s a place to hang out and it has a swing set, then consider it fair game for your next date. There’s something fundamentally sweet and romantic about pushing each other on a swing or taking a walk around a park as you get to know each other or reminisce about old times.

If your park does have more than an old swing set, consider yourself lucky—and go nuts playing around like you haven’t since you were a kid. Hey, nobody’s judging when you look that adorable.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

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7. Go For A Drive

Maybe there’s nowhere interesting to drive to, but that shouldn’t stop you from driving around. Take an impromptu road trip to nowhere in particular and just enjoy the relaxation of driving aimlessly as you and your date talk, listen to music, and munch on road trip snacks. Take turns showing each other songs you like, stop at random places that catch your eye, and play road trip games to pass the time.

8. Try Geocaching

Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt using the GPS on your phone. All over each state, there are capsules called caches hidden (usually out in nature) and tagged with a GPS location that you can find using a geocaching app on your phone. Once you find the capsule, you can either take your prize and replace it with something of equal value for the next scavenger hunter, or you can just enjoy the victory of having found the cache.

To find geocaches near you, download a geocache app and punch in your ZIP code (or check a geocaching website online). You and your date will be on your way to becoming treasure hunters before you know it.

9. Have A Cookout

Who says cookouts are only for large groups? If you or your date has a grill (or a family member/friend who is kindly willing to loan theirs), fire it up and start cooking! Burgers, chicken, shish kebabs, fruit—there’s really no limit to what you can grill; just search for a recipe you and your date like the sound of and give it a try.

Whether you enjoy the food indoors or outdoors is up to you, but grilling out puts a fun twist on cooking together when you don’t have much kitchen space or you’re simply wanting to enjoy the nice weather.

10. Have A Photo Shoot

Does one of you like photography? Even if you don’t, having an outdoor photo shoot doesn’t have to be professional to be fun. Smart phones are outfitted with up-to-date camera technology and editing tools that make it easy for anyone to try their hand at photography. Plus, there are plenty of apps that feature hilarious filters if you want to see who can make the silliest picture.

Give it a try: download some interesting photo editing apps, pick a spot to begin your photo shoot, and take turns snapping pictures of each other or the scenery. To make it more investing, compete at individual challenges for the funniest, sexiest, or most Instagram-worthy photo.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas When You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

Liked these outdoor date ideas? Let us know in the comments which ones you’re excited to try!

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