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Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

Going back to school after summer is never a fun thought! Whether you’re going back to high school, college or university it can be a really daunting prospect to go from having a fun-loving summer back to a schedule of hard work, classes and research for papers. But with our guide of tips and hacks, you will hopefully feel less worried about going back to school. So keep reading and follow our advice for a great new semester.

1. Nice Stationery

So it might seem obvious but getting new stationery for each new school semester can really be an essential way to set off the new school year right. Now depending what type of school you’re in you might need different types of stationery. But you can never go wrong with new notebooks, pens, highlighters, a ruler, a calculator, etc. Having fresh new stationary means you are starting with a clean slate for the new school year. When you’re going back to school you don’t want to be going in with old pens that don’t work, notepads with written on pages, and broken calculators. Plus it can be really fun picking out new stationery and it doesn’t have to be boring. You can buy pretty stationery with cute and colourful designs. So get to shopping!

Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

2. Pre-pack lunches

Pre-packing lunches for the week or for every day can be really useful. It saves you worrying about lunch every day and it can save money as when you eat out or buy on campus it can end up costing a lot more. Some good ideas for lunches that can be refrigerated are salads, wraps, sandwiches, fruit platters, etc. You could also make meals to freeze and eat up on campus if you have the facilities. You could have soup, pasta dishes, savoury pies, curries, etc. Freeze meals for a week or two ahead and refrigerate meals for just a few days ahead. This will save you time and help your days run more efficiently.

Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

3. Have a calendar or diary

Your academic year should be planned out as far ahead as you can. Keeping a diary or online calendar to keep track of your assignments, exams and homework. When you do go back to school you want to make sure that you are keeping a clear and organised note of your due work assignments, your schedule and your classes. This can help you plan out weeks in advance and make sure that you know exactly when and what you’re meant to be doing. Without a schedule you could end up missing classes, running late or just end up being a disorganised mess.

Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

4. Pre-plan outfits

If you organise your outfits for the week or for the day ahead then you will be able to get moving much faster in the morning. This is especially handy for those of you that like to sleep for as long as possible in the mornings! If you know what you’re going to be wearing then you can get straight out in the morning without worrying about what you’re wearing every day. Also make sure you keep coats, shoes, keys, your backpack, etc. right by the door so you’re ready to go. If you do end up sleeping through your alarm and running late at least you’ll not have to hang around wasting time on what to wear.

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Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

5. Study area

When you’re at home chances are you’ll have homework or assignments to do from your house or dorm. You need to make sure you have an organised, clean place to work from. Clutter can damage your ability to work and can make it difficult for you to concentrate. Make sure you have a clear desk space, storage and desk organisers to keep all your necessary items together and tidy. This will mean when you go back to school you have a clear mindset. And when you bring work home you are able to get on with it quickly and efficiently.

Our Ultimate Guide To Going Back To School

Will you be following any of our tips for going back to school? Or do you have your own back to school tips you want to share? Leave a comment!

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