Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

With the Love Island final wrapping up this years show on Monday night, the islanders have returned home, ready to start a few months worth of club appearances and sponsored teeth whitening posts. Now the next question on all our minds is whether the new couples will survive this trip back to reality or, like plenty before them, will they fall victim to very public breakups? Here are our predictions for how long this year’s couples will last.

Greg and Amber

As this years very worthy winners, Greg and Amber are definitely the nations favourite, loved-up pair right now. Sadly though, the track record for Love Island winners is not much better than for the rest of the contestants, with only series two’s Nathan and Cara surviving to this day.

Greg and Amber’s relationship is still in its early days and, as much as they suit each other, with Amber haling from Newcastle and Greg from Ireland, committing to a long term relationship so soon could be their greatest obstacle. However, we are hoping that their story will be and another Camilla and Jamie, with Amber and Camilla both having struggled for weeks until their knight in shining armour swooped in last minute. If that’s the case then Greg and Amber could make it long-term. As the very least, we’ll give them 1 year.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Tommy and Molly-Mae

As this year’s longest surviving couple within the villa, Tommy and Molly-Mae have already clocked up several weeks as boyfriend and girlfriend (this years only couple to emerge with such a title on their relationship). Many have drawn comparisons between their journey and last years winners, Jack and Dani who sadly didn’t make it outside of the villa – a bad sign perhaps for Tommy and Molly?

Although, when making his declaration of love in the final episode, Tommy vowed to love Molly-Mae until the day he died, many people are sceptical about their relationship. Twitter has been full of accusations calling Molly-Mae a game-player. She definitely had things to say behind other’s backs but we believe that her feelings for Tommy are genuine, remember that the producers want to stir up drama in any way that they can. However, we’re not so sure that they will last forever. Tommy, as lovely as he is, is a bit clueless, with Molly-Mae admitting on the show that she worried about how she would cope living with his untidy habits (sounding familiar to Jack and Dani?). The parallels between them and last year’s winner leave us thinking that they too will only make it 8 months.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Ovie and India

On his own, there is no doubt that Ovie could have won this years series. As fan favourite, we were all waiting for the right girl to enter the villa and make his Love Island journey complete. So it’s a shame that we didn’t see much of India’s personality. Because of this, it’s pretty hard to judge how compatible they are, though there definitely does seem to be a connection.

However, they both seem so laid back that, after they leave the villa, we wonder whether their relationship will progress. We can definitely see things just fizzling out over time and, let’s be honest, neither of them will be lacking in other options. Ovie’s DMs are probably flooded. Because of this, we won’t be surprised if things die out after 4 months.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Curtis and Maura

At the start of this years series, we all expected that Curtis would make it to the final, just not with Maura. But, after Amy left for Casa Amor, Curtis started a head-turning journey that ended with him coupling up with Maura. A lot of people cannot quite get their heads around the match, with Maura’s very sexual chat seeming at odds with the flamboyant dancer, but, there must be some attraction there, after all there is that famous Instagram DM that Curtis sent her before they were even lined up for the show.

However once they leave the villa, we don’t see their relationship lasting for long. Maura’s fiery nature is what we love most about her, but it might also pose a challenge for them with it undoubtedly leading to conflicts. Ultimately we think that on the outside they’ll make it 2 months.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Belle and Anton

Though they didn’t make it to the final, Belle and Anton’s relationship has been a joy to watch after the Scotsman’s unlucky beginning. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. After an explosive argument following Anton’s questionable decision to share his mobile number with a supermarket cashier, people (including other islanders, Molly Mae we’re looking at you) were very vocal about their doubts over the relationship.

However, they managed to move past the argument and since leaving the villa they seem to be going from strength to strength. On the last episode of Love Island: Aftersun, they discussed their plans for the future and gave us all hope that their relationship will remain strong on the outside world. Sadly though, as the rather cynical people that we are, we’re not sure that this is a happily-ever-after story. if Anton’s cheeky ways resurface and Belle can’t trust him, we can only see their relationship making it for another 6 months.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Chris and Harley

Chris and Harley ended up together by default and so no one really expected their relationship to go anywhere. Things seemed particularly up in the air when Chris made the classic mistake of saying that he and another girl were actually meant to be together in front of the entire villa and Harley.

However, since leaving they are still dating and even made things official on Love Island: Aftersun. Even so, we don’t see this going far, at most maybe 1 month.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Michael and Joanna

Michael was definitely the villain of this years series, flip flopping between Amber and Joanna (and breaking hearts in the process). So it wasn’t a shock that he chose not to leave with Joanna and ended up going home all alone.

However, recently, pictures emerged of Joanna and Michael kissing at a music festival. Could their romance be reignited? We don’t think so. Most likely they’ll be on-and-off until the publicity dies down.

Our Predictions For How Long This Year’s Love Island Couples Are Going To Last

Which couple do you think will last the longest? Let us know in the comments below.

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