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Our Favourite Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

When it comes to spa nights you want all the beauty essentials! But if there’s one thing you should be adding to you beauty product list are charcoal masks. Now charcoal masks might not have the best reputation what with them being thought of as being messy and drying out your skin instead of nourishing it. But these ones are the total opposite as they are hydrating and will detoxify your skin. Make sure to make a not of these because you will be running out to the store to buy them!

1. L’Oreal

This pure-clay mask from L’Oreal Paris is a detoxing and brightening face treatment that will refresh you skin and decongest your pores. This formula will only take ten minutes thanks to its fusion of charcoal and three clays. It well help make you skin look illuminated and erase signs of dullness and tiredness. This mask will clean out your pores and essentially suck out any dirt, oil and any other grime that gets stuck in the deep tissues of your face. The formula is super creamy so it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t dry out so it will leave your complexion looking fresh and radiant! 

2. The Body Shop

This Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask lives up to its name by leaving your skin glowing and bright. The great thing about this one compared to other charcoal masks is that it’s 100% vegan and takes out all the fake oils and superficial stuff and leaves you with brighter and more supple skin. Made up of bamboo charcoal and Japanese green tea this formula will exfoliate skin and draw out impurities while hydrating, replenishing and refining your appearance. This a great natural choice to replenish your skin’s health next time you find yourself spending your Friday night in front of the TV with a glass of wine!

3. Lush

It may black as night but don’t let that intimidate you! Their Prince of darkness mask is an ideal choice for those of you wanting clean, fresh, supple feeling skin. This will give you a matte complexion and the deep cleansing charcoal blend will give your skin a plumping, boosting effect without making your face feel wet. The fine sea salt and lavender oil in the mixture will help balance your skin and leave it feeling totally refreshed! Put this at the top of your next shopping list if you want to give your skin the ultimate glow up at your next spa night with the girls!

4. Clinique

What could put this product over the edge of its competing charcoal masks? Maybe the fact that Clinique have created a city block purifying charcoal clay mas and scrub. That’s right, two-in-one baby! This blend will clear pores, exfoliate and leave your skin looking and feeling super smooth. And the best part about it? It only takes 5 minutes! A detoxifying and exfoliating clay mask that polishes skin for a delightful deep-clean treatment. The natural ingredients in this such as bamboo charcoal and silica beads will cleanse and refine your skin for a glowing complexion! Plus it is fragrance free which is great for skincare as will not be too harsh. It’s certainly one to recommend to your girlfriends! 

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5. Rituals

The Ritual of namaste purifying charcoal wonder mask is a Ghassoul powder and black mud treatment will soak your skin and clear it off any impurities. It will exfoliate your dead skin cells while simultaneously providing anti-oxidant technology to give your skin the upmost care. Just mix some charcoal powder with water and whip it into a mousse before applying to your face for a full cleanse. Get your glow on with this fabulous mask and make it part of your self-care spa nights from now on!

Do you like the charcoal masks on this list? Or do you have your own ones to recommend. Leave a comment!

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