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Our Favorite Taco Spots In Miami Perfect For #TacoTuesday

Our Favorite Taco Spots In Miami Perfect For #TacoTuesday

These taco spots in Miami make some of the best soft shelled and hard shelled tacos for you to eat during this week's Taco Tuesday!

These taco spots in Miami are to die for. “I don’t think I want #tacos today.”, said no one ever, and less in a place with such a latinx influenced culture like Miami.  We eat this Mexican culinary miracle all the time. It saves you on quick lunches, late nights and gatherings with friends without destroying your budget. Here are a few of our favorite local taco joints.

Salsa Fiesta Grill

This local chain offers between 2 and 3 tacos per serving and they are indeed satisfying comfort food. Try the “Taco Guerrero”, a delicious fusion of onions and cilantro with mango pieces with your choice of chicken, ground beef, carnitas, steak, fish, ceviche. Plus, they offer a veggie option.

Coyo Taco

Coyo Taco is a Wynwood staple that deserves its long lines of fans and that’s why they are growing with locations in Panama and the Dominican Republic. The restaurant takes their time on their ingredients, as tortillas are made on the spot. In addition, their ingredients are locally sourced and their proteins are naturally raised.

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Kicking off the weekend the Coyo way.

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El Taquito

If you want authentic street food style tacos on the cheap during those late night hangouts, El Taquito will never let you down. On Saturdays, they stay open until 1:00.a.m. or 3:00 a.m., depending on the location. A nice taquito with carnitas with a cold glass of their horchata will make you consider this spot as heaven on earth.

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The Taco Stand

This California- based Mexican restaurant offers the original taco joint experience with handmade tortillas and affordable prices. Their guacamole is also smooth and delicious. Your taste buds will thank you after you finish your meal.

What are your favorite taco spots in Miami? Which taco spots in Miami did we miss? Tell us in the comments!
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