Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

MTV Video Music Awards Moments, Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

The MTV Video Music Awards is one of the biggest awards shows for music in the world. Celebrating artists of all genres and their talents. Over the past couple of decades, we as audience members have gotten to experience some wild and crazy moments. It seems like every year we are hit with a new scandal, celebrity couple, style trend or a jaw-dropping performance. From Michael Jackson walking on the moon to Britney walking with a snake, there are MTV Video Music Awards Moments for everyone to enjoy.

Britney Spear’s Snake

Britney was back, bitch! In 2001 Britney Spear’s shocked the audience members at the MTV music awards and those watching at home when she walked out on stage carrying a seven-foot albino Burmese python snake. The slimy yellow beast wrapped around her body as she sang and danced to ‘A Slave For You.’ The only thing better than this stunt, is getting to marvel and what great shape she was in, look at those abs! Britney Spear’s had a lot of breakout moments at the award show, but this is by far one of the best. 

Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

Britney and Madonna’s Smooch

Like I said, Britney Spears has had a lot of amazing MTV video music awards moments, and kissing the Queen of pop is up there! When Madonna and Britney performed on stage together in 2003, just two years after her snake performance, the two made headlines when they shared a sweet kiss on stage. Although that doesn’t seem crazy now, back in 2003 it was a big deal. The only downside to this very sexy moment is the look on Justin Timberlake’s face, it breaks my heart!  

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

My personal favourite red carpet moment from the VMA’s was when Lady Gaga walked the red carpet covered in red meat, talk about MTV Video Music Awards Moments. She stunned us all, not only with the dress but also because she freaking slayed in it! How many women can cover themselves head to toe in steaks and still look fabulous? Stop thinking, the answer is one, she is the only one. 

Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

Hannah Montana Died

Miley Cyrus has done so much good for the world. She is an avid protestor, cares about the environment, is a vegan and recently she even put Liam Hemsworth back on the market so that we can shamelessly ogle at him again, thank you, Miley. However, I will never forgive her for killing Hannah Montana. The pop-star had long retired the wig before this performance, but when she twerked on Robin Thick wearing a bear costume, I think we all knew there was no going back. 

Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all-time

Taylor Swift is a media mogul, talented singer and songwriter, and has legs like a Victoria Secret model. There should never be any reason to feel bad for Taylor Swift. However, some of us can’t unsee what happened in 2009 during the MTV Video Awards. Kanye West running up on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, in honour of  Queen Beyonce having the best music video, started one of the biggest feuds in music history. To this day the two still aren’t on the best of terms and Taylor continues to write about it, as I would too. I won’t forgive him until she does! 

Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

Anaconda performance

Like Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj has a lot of MTV Video Music Awards Moments for us to drop our panties at…I mean jaws! 

The performance that comes to mind when you think of Nicki Minaj has to be the 2014 Anaconda performance. Not only did this introduce us to the song, but it also introduced us to her butt. I’m not sure if this was the first introduction to her bodacious booty, it was mine though and I fell in love.  


Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction

So now that we were introduced to her butt, we didn’t expect to see more of this gorgeous singers body. Which we really didn’t, but also if you were in the live audience you may have from certain angles. The artist had some many costume changes that there was a mistake during one of them that caused a zipper to snap, leaving the front of her dress wide open! Yikes! Not to worry though, Nicki is a pro and wouldn’t let anything stop her from belting out ‘bang, bang.’ She held the dress shut the entire performance and never missed a beat. 

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Beyonce Announces Her Pregnancy on Stage

Beyonce may have stolen Taylor Swift’s thunder, accidentally, but she can create her own drama without the help of Kanye West. In 2011 the artist gave a performance that is of course on our list of MTV Video Music Awards Moments because it was also a birth announcement. Leave it to Queen B to hide the lead and not show her belly until the last second. 

Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

‘N Sync’s mini-reunion at the 2013 VMAs

The Back Street Boys come back together all the time, boring! What we all really want is for Justin Timberlake to leave his very successful music and entertainment career and get the freaking band back together. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to happen any day soon. Don’t panic though, because we did get this little reunion at the 2013 VMA’s, and I will treasure it always. 

Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful

Shout out to my Canadian girl Alessia Cara! Being from Canada it was amazing to get to this talent singer performer her hit single. Being a young woman and getting to see this talented transform herself from a dress and make-up into her jeans and shirt was incredibly inspiring. She owned the stage and all she needed was her voice, no stunts or snazzy lighting changes, just her song.  

Our Favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments From Past Years

There are so many moments from the MTV Video music awards to count. From show-stopping speeches, costume changes, and dynamite performances there is something for everyone to watch at this show.  

What are some of your favorite MTV Video Music Awards Moments? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: The Video Music Awards Offical Instagram account
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