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Our Favorite Moments From The Super Bowl

Our Favorite Moments From The Super Bowl

Let us all wave goodbye to this year’s Super Bowl, which was admittingly one of the most low-key ones in history. With the lowest score ever in the Super Bowl records, the 13-3 game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams proceeded smoothly without any significant gamechanger or worth-of-notice event. But the appropriateness of the football game itself didn’t make the Super Bowl boring, as many events contributed to the success of it. With this in mind, we selected our favorite moments from the Super Bowl – check them out!

Some Genius Ads

Starring respectively Cardi B and Zoë Kravitz, Pepsi and Michelob Ultra scored well enough to place themselves at the top of the chart featuring the best super bowl ads of the year. Pepsi gave the audience some fun time on the notes of Cardi B’s hit “I Like It”, while Michelob Ultra took the opposite direction and followed the ASMR trend in a zen-like environment, where Zoë Kravitz whispered the whole script giving the public nice goosebumps.

Our Favorite Moments From The Super Bowl

Adam Levine’s Bare Chest & Target Tank Top

While we’re not sure yet about why it’s O.K. for Adam Levine to flash his nipples on stage, but it isn’t if Janet Jackson does it by accident – do you remember 2004 halftime show? – Adam Levine’s shirtless chest still finds a spot in our favorite moments from the Super Bowl.

Our favirite moments from the super bowl

But besides his shirtless charm, what we – and the whole internet, too – found hilarious and noteworthy is that the tank top the Maroon 5 leader was wearing (before throwing it to the crowd, of course) weirdly matched a Target pillow design that an insanely huge number of people turned out to have at home. Thank you, Twitter, for bringing this up!

The Spongebob Tribute To Stephen Hillenburg

Our inner child screamed and wept tears of joy when we got to see a tiny Spongebob snippet as a transition from Maroon 5 to Travis Scott. To honor the late Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, the Super Bowl halftime show included a brief clip featuring Spongebob Squarepants himself and Squidward Tentacles – and we all loved it. Definitely one of our favorite moments from the Super Bowl!

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our favorite moments from the super bowl

Big Boi Repping Atlanta And Old School Hip-Hop

Rolling up to the stage in a Cadillac and flaunting a long, oversized faux fur coat in shades of cream, rapper Big Boi starred in the Super Bowl halftime representing Atlanta, the city in which the event was held. Big Boi brought Outkast back singing the 2003 hit “The Way You Move”, and the crowd obviously went wild.

our favorite moments from the super bowl

Tom Brady And His Daughter

Our hearts were warmed by the sight of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady holding his daughter on the stage in the midst of celebrations. Maybe a little cliché, but cute, nonetheless.

our favorite moments from the super bowl

What were your favorite moments from the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below!

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