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Our Favorite Lipstick Colors You’ll Want For Yourself

Are you a makeup lover? Or do you prefer a simple “naked” look like me? I’m not going to lie to you, make-up is not my forte. If I do wear it, it’s some concealer, mascara and that’s it. And even though that is more than okay to not prefer make up, I can understand why people do. If you’re an anxious and insecure person, then you may want to wear it to somewhat become less noticeable to the outside world or even those you have in your own. Seduction is another word that comes to mind. Some people like to wear makeup because it makes them feel more confident, sexy and sociable. Whichever you prefer, makeup and none, it’s entirely up to you.

You may also prefer just a touch of lipstick, which is what I am here to talk about. Lipstick is all about brightening your face and shaping your lips (if you want to do that). Want to feel sexy while out on a date? Throw on some lipstick to go with your outfit. Do you not want to wear lipstick? A light shade of pink lip gloss will easily suffice. If you’re in the store or just sitting in bed online shopping unsure of what lipstick to purchase, I have here our favorite Lipstick Colors you’ll want for yourself. 

Ruby Red

You should be wearing more red lipstick. Why? This trend is in and let’s be real, it can be a total game-changer for any occasion from a date night, wedding, brunch or just simply, walking around your hometown/city. I get it, it’s a bold look. But in the end, it can make you look and feel sexy and if you don’t want to wear it anymore, take it off if you feel that it’s become too much. Check out Chanel’s Rouge Coco, shade 466 – Carmen. Price: $42.00.



I am all about the nude look and I truly believe they will never change. You can wear a nude lipstick in any season and it will definitely not go out of style.  Plus, it can give you that little zest of pop that you don’t necessarily like, but need, which I have found is always my dilemma. Try out Chanel’s Rouge Coco Flash shade 54 – Boy for only $42.00. 

Red wine

If you’re a lover of all red wine, then why not wear red wine lipstick? It’s bold, dark and perfect for any big occasion you may have coming up in the summertime. Try out Huda Beauty, a Power Bullet Matte Lipstick. Purchase the color: Ladies Night – a badass, bold burgundy (warm toned) lipstick for only $25.00. You can get it Sephora in store or online. 


I am all about glossy lip stick and so should you. In fact, the first ever lipstick that I wore when I was younger, was glossy. I like this look because it can make lips look fuller and more plump and it leave a shiny finish to my lips afterwards. It can also be more hydrating and thicker than your average lipsticks. The down side? It doesn’t last long—maybe and hour or two, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the middle of the day reapplying the glossy lipstick you just put on not too long ago. Check out this glossy lipstick from Lipsax for only $18.00. It’s a dusty pink that melts into your lips for a long lasting use. Use it every day for a subtle look. 

Any color of Matte

Matte lipstick is in y’all! Why? It has less oil and moisture than the other lipsticks you may use, and with its tone, the color lasts longer which means you’re not re applying it as much as you would glossy lipstick. Tired of doing touch ups? Matte lipstick is way to go and you can wear this (along with their many colors) all year long. Try out this Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick for only $9.99. I love this Birthday Babe color, but it also comes in 58 other Lipstick Colors! 


Plum was the color and it sure is bold. If you have a medium or olive skin tone, then purchasing a plum colored lipstick may be the perfect fit for you. There is a warmth to this color that is sure to brighten your skin tone. I also love this color because it’s mysterious. It can represent power, femininity and shows that you are a bold woman who knows what she wants. Out of all of the Lipstick colors (other than nude) I would definitely pick this one. Try out Chanel’s Rouge Coco Flash plum lipstick. Shade 128- Mood and it’s only $42.00. 

See Also


Who would have thought that chocolate lipstick is in? Not me. You have probably seen many super models where wear this trend when walking the runway and I think you’ll be seeing that for a very long time. Not only is it perfect for everyday wear, but it’s different. Life is so short, so why not…stand out? It’s a comfortable lipstick color (and brand) without the dryness. This is one of the up and coming most popular Lipstick Colors! Try out this lipstick from Revlon. It’s Hot Chocolate (shade 013) and is only $9.49. 

Burnt Orange

Out of all of the colors listed here, orange is the hottest lipstick trend of the summer. Plus, the colors of orange are endless: coral, tangerine, neon, blood orange and of course, burnt. If you have blue eyes, wearing this lipstick color will make them pop. I don’t know about you, but I love this variety of Lipstick Colors in orange! Check out L’Oreal’s Volcanic Orange Lipstick at Ulta Beauty for only $10.99. Chanel, Maybelline and Revlon also carry many varieties of orange if this one doesn’t do the trick for you! 

Not sure which brands are the best? Don’t fret. Here are a few of the top lipstick brands.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury
  2. Organic Skin Co
  3. Revlon
  4. Maybelline
  5. Rituel de Fille
  6. NARS
  7. Covergirl
  8. L’Oreal
  9. Mented Cosmetics
  10. Armani Beauty

What are some of your favorite Lipstick Colors to wear? Tell us below in the comments. 

Sky Curtis

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