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Our Favorite Kardashian And Jenner Pets – Ranked!

Our Favorite Kardashian And Jenner Pets – Ranked!


Whether a fan or not, everybody knows about the pet-obsession of the big Kardashian + Jenner family. Over the years, cats, dogs, bunnies, and even chickens – yes, chickens! – passed before our eyes on the big family’s very own reality show, and we got to like them so much we started seeing them as our own pets. Falling in love was easy, though: they’re all adorable! And since we are so obsessed with them, we decided to create a ranking of our all-time favorite Kardashian and Jenner pets for you to see – and love, of course! Spoiler alert: cuteness overload!

9. Bruce – Kylie’s

Bruce gains the last spot in our chart just because we didn’t get to see his cuteness enough on the Internet. Besides that, 10/10 would obsessively pet!

8. Snowflake – Kourtney’s

Just like his cousin, Kourtney’s bunny Snowflake preferred a private life to the camera’s flashing lights, but we still got to indirectly sense his softness and cuteness from Kourtney’s Instagram posts. We are absolute fans!


7. Honey  – Penelope’s & Kourtney’s

Probably Kourtney’ fluffiest gift to her daughter Penelope, Honey deserves a spot in our chart. We totally understand what the fluff is all about!

6. Norman & Bambi – Kylie’s

Separating Norman and Bambi would be as cruel as not including them into our Kardashian and Jenner pets chart. Kylie’s furry babies are 100% adorable – we totally wish they lived with us!

5. Bertha – Caitlyn’s

Caitlyn Jenner’s latest pet is the cutest, softest good girl you could possibly imagine. Please, welcome Bertha, her new lab pup!


4. Kendall’s Dobermann Pinscher

Her name is still a secret, but her cuteness isn’t. Kendall Jenner’s new Dobermann Pinscher might look scary, but she’s such a cutie you can’t resist her!

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3. Eddie – Kylie’s

If you thought that having a chicken as a pet was not a thing, you were wrong. Kylie’s chicken Eddie is the sweetest and most hip creature ever, and that’s why he deserves to be ranked third in our pets chart!


2. Mercy – Kim’s

R.I.P to Mercy, the beautiful, fluffy and adorable teacup cat that Kim used to have. Unfortunately, she passed away due to a genetic disease, but she’ll always be in our hearts as well as our chart.

1. Gabbana – Khloé’s

Our number one couldn’t be anybody else. Gabbana was Khloé most loyal friend, from the beginning to the end, and we loved her during her whole journey. Sadly, she passed away in January 2019 due to a heart tumor; it’s always the best ones who leave. You will be missed, gorgeous!

What’s your favorite among the Kardashian and Jenner pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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