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Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

The Bachelorette is a spin-off of the American dating show, The Bachelor that’s aired on ABC since 2003. Right now, the show is on its 15 season, in which the Bachelorette is Hannah Brown, a 24-year-old interior designer from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hannah was a contestant on the 23rd season of the Bachelor that featured Colton Underwood, but she came seventh overall. Which makes Brown the first Bachelorette that is not part of the top four on a season of The Bachelor.

The season started with 30 contestants from all around the USA fighting for Hannah’s love. The contestants vary in range of age from 24 thru 33 and also in professional experience because they include salesman, basketball players, pilots, surfers, teachers, managers, politic, analysts and broker to mention a few.

Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

Get to know the show!

For those of you that are not familiar with what the show is about, here goes a small summary. The show starts with the Bachelorette greeting every male contestant from which she will find a potential husband. The Bachelorette has to make a rose ceremony in which she decides to give a rose to the ones that should stay on the show, those who don’t receive a rose need to leave. The group of male contestants becomes smaller and smaller until the ceremony of the final rose arrives in which two contestants propose to the Bachelorette and she decides who gets the final rose and becomes her husband.

Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

Let’s recap!

Before digging into our prediction, we should definitely recap on what happened on the last episode. On episode ten our Hannah arrives to the Island of Crete in Greece ready for overnight dates. First one on the row is Peter! Their date starts by sailing on the Aegean Sea and after in Agios Nikolaos Peter decided it was time to confess his love for Hannah and lets the possibility of an engagement of the both of them hanging in the air. Peter and our gorgeous Bachelorette spend some steamy time on the Fantasy Suite! The second date is taken by the handsome Tyler C in which both, him and Hannah, enjoy massages and spa treatments. Hannah also discovers that Tyler C’s family has approved of her and they talk about their relationship. And even though our Bachelorette doesn’t want to get intimate in the moment with Tyler, they still spend some time in the Fantasy Suite to develop a deeper emotional connection.

After that Hannah spends some time with Jed in the town of Vrachasi in Lasithi celebrating and dancing with a Greek family the gather for a lunch. Jed expresses his concern to Hannah about Luke’s behavior, but the 24-year-old designer dismisses him and tells him that whatever happens between her and Luke is not of his concern and should not affect anything that her and Jed might have. They end the night in the Fantasy Suite! Luke has a date with Hannah on a helicopter exploring Santorini and then enjoy a dinner in which they talk about how Luke is concern Hannah has been intimate with other men. Luke says that if this has happened he would leave, Hannah feels attacked and furious about his accusations because she is an independent woman who can decide who she wants to sleep with or not. Luke gets his final strike when he tells our Bachelorette that he shames her for her actions which causes Hannah to send him home. We got no rose ceremony on this episode and we can’t wait for the season finale!

Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

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Prediction Time!

Now its time! Send some drumrolls, please! We know all of you have your favorite bachelor to win Hannah’s heart but honestly, we can’t just get over Tyler Cameron and his beautiful blue eyes. Not only he is super cute but the 26-year-old general contractor and our gorgeous Bachelorette have had some steamy moments together that make us think they have a real physical connection! Tyler C is originally from Jupiter, Florida, he adores spending time with his family and most of all he loves his rescued dog named Harley.

We also think that Hannah is genuinely interested in him because there are some hometown date pictures in his hometown that looked like they were having the time of their lives together. Hannah is a religious girl and Tyler is too which make us think that might be another point of connection for the two of them. And let’s not forget that Tyler C is also a model repped by three agencies! Well, let’s be real with that handsome face and really build body who wouldn’t want this bachelor to be their husband?

But since it’s not only about the looks, we have some other interesting facts about Tyler you might want to add to your list. Tyler C is also a big football fan; actually, he used to play football as a backup quarterback on the Wake Forest football team and then as a wide receiver on the Florida Atlantic until he got a bad shoulder injury. Plus, he has a lot of confidence in himself and a funny sense of humor that you can see on his Instagram posts. All combined makes him a perfect fit for our pretty Bachelorette of the season to give him the final rose!

Our Bachelorette Prediction For Who Will Get The Final Rose

Do you agree with our prediction? If not, comment below who you want to win Hannah’s heart this season.

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