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6 Oswego Coffee Shops You MUST Go To

6 Oswego Coffee Shops You MUST Go To

Oswego coffee shops are quaint and have some of the best coffee in New York. Cidermoon Coffee in Oswego is one of my favorite cafes to visit. Here are 6 Oswego coffee shops that kill it.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of campus or your house for some adventure around the town. My friends and I are always looking for new and different, instead of going to the same spots to talk about the same things. Although I don’t like to admit that I enjoy coffee, tea is good as well. I have found over my years here some amazing spots for some hot beverages and homemade snacks. Here are six of my favorite Oswego coffee shops for your Instagram worthy, have to tell your friends about this, money worth spending, sipping and satisfying feelings for you to enjoy and adventure off to.

1. Coffee Connections

Sometimes the overcrowded, commercialized coffee spots can get old. In Oswego, New York, Coffee Connections is the most admirable, adorable, and suitable hidden coffee shop. Not only is the environment comforting and warm, there are levels of floors for study areas and more personalized spots for you to relax and sip, or eat. Coffee Connections is one of the quiet Oswego coffee shops.

the coffee connection in Owego

2.  Cutting Board

This is a hard to miss place, as it is well known and placed between our typical bars and late night eats. Although Cutting Board is known for its nutritional based salads and panini’s, this cafe can also be utilized as your small sit and sip coffee shop with a healthy treat on the side.

the cutting board in oswego

3. Maria’s

I typical go to Maria’s for late hangover breakfasts or early start to the day meals. Yet, I have gone to Maria’s on an early morning to sit and have a nice cup of coffee or tea. This place is family oriented and makes you feel right at home. They are open all day for all meals, but grab your cup of coffee to start your day fresh and positive!

marias coffee in oswego

4. Oswego Tea Co.

Although the title may mislead you, there is in fact coffee here so don’t you worry! This place is famously know for their raisin bread, which can go great with a side of tea or coffee. The vintage look allows you to step away from the modern world to enjoy some simple treats throughout your daily tasks. This upscale cafe and bakery is located right downtown in Oswego, and I promise you, you will catch me there with some bread and coffee.

Oswego Tea Co.

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5. Port City Cafe & Bakery

Right when I moved to oswego to complete my undergraduate, I instantly fell in love with Port City. From their lunch and dinner menu, to their artistic environment, this cafe is an amazing place to chat and eat with friends and peers. Aside from their homemade gourmet menu, Port City offers a cafe and Bakery within. From sunny days where you can sit outside and view the town, to winter mornings where you can watch the snowfall with a croissant and cup of coffee — Port City is an amazing place right in the middle of the shops and other stores you can check out!

port city coffee in oswego

6. Cider-moon Coffee & Cafe

This home felt atmosphere calls for a great place to make guests feel warm and comfortable. The whole idea of a hot cup of coffee is not only to wake you up, but to have you sip on a freshly roasted cup of sensation and delight. Theres a difference between sitting at home with a K-Cup and going to Cider-moon Coffee and Cafe for their homemade ground and roasted coffee with their assortment of food and other delights. Oswego coffee shops never disappoint. cidermoon-coffee-roasters in oswego

Let us know what you think about Oswego coffee shops in the comments below!
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