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10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]ixer themes can get repetitive and overdone by the end of your four years in your sorority chapter, and if you are the one deciding the mixer themes for each, it may be challenging to please every girl in your sorority. Rather than sticking to generic ideas such as “Anything But Clothes” and my “Greek Wedding,” I encourage you to suggest these unique themes that will excite anyone attending. 

1. Early 2000’s

While many mixer themes revolve around decades, many are centered around the ’90s or ’70s with titles such as “That 70’s Sorority.” A mixer theme such as “Early 2000s” incorporates a traditional idea that many love, while still giving a unique twist to the mixer. Along with this, since it is officially 2020, the majority of kids currently in Greek Life grew up in the 2000s, making it a nostalgic and relatable theme to dress as. 

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

2. White T-Shirt Sharpie Mixer

A “White T-Shirt” sharpie mixer is when everyone wears a white tee and decorates it themselves with markers prior to the party. This idea stands out from other mixer themes because every individual has the opportunity to not only pick their outfit but also customize it. Not only does this make every costume unique to the person wearing it, but the shirt acts as a souvenir of the mixer by the end of the night. Even if you don’t remember the night, you will have something to remember it by. 

3. C’mon Barbie Let’s Go Party

This mixer theme can be executed in a variety of different ways, but the overarching idea is based around the dolls Barbie and Ken. This can be a date party or a general mixer. Whether you want to dress up similar to a specific Barbie, or simply wear a pink preppy California girl outfit, this theme is cute and easy to find a costume for. 

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

4. It’s 4/20 Somewhere!

Although mixers are known for excessive alcohol consumption, and some themes are modeled after drinking games, mixers should get with the times and hop on the weed wave. Instead of the traditional, “It’s 5’oclock Somewhere,” Margaritaville mixer, sororities should switch it up with an “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” theme. This will give a night to the designated stoners of your sorority and will act as a fun theme to dress up for. The idea also allows for each individual’s creative twist on the theme. For example, people can dress as stoners, characters from stoner movies such as “Dazed and Confused,” or simply just wear green.  

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

5. Highschool Cliches

A nostalgic mixer theme is high school cliches. This means that each person dresses as a different basic high schooler archetype. For example, someone might dress like a jock, surfer, or skater. By providing a wide range of costume ideas, your chapter is more likely to get creative with the concept. Along with this, this theme idea can be made more current by incorporating trending cliches as well. An example of this would be dressing as a soft girl, VSCO girl, or E-girl. This way each person can decide whether they wish to match their costume to their own individual personality, or simply dress as someone else.

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

6. Teen Beach Movie

While the mixer themes surfers and bikers are common, not many organizations combine these ideas. By allowing members to dress up as either, it does not confine individuals to one specific theme and adds more variety to the mixer. This also brings back memories of the popular childhood Disney movie, “Teen Beach Movie.” 

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7. Dress Like Your Major

While most mixer themes call for cute outfits, this theme allows you to get creative and comical. Rather than sporting a crop top and shorts, girls could wear a lab coat or suit depending on their major. This would allow for a variety of different clothing options and would be a fun way to guess everyone’s majors at the party. Along with this, individuals have the option to simply dress like a nerd if they are unable to find specific clothes that identify with your major. 

10 Original Mixer Themes To Suggest If You Are On The Executive Board Of Your Sorority

8. Dress Like Your Middle School Self

This mixer theme is slightly more popular than the others on the list but undeniably hilarious. We all know one of the worst stages of life to look back on is middle school. Back when you were probably just trying to blend in and didn’t know what your style was, you might have worn some whack clothing pieces. This is the time to sport off and joke about your previous self. Whether it is sporting a weird hairstyle, or wearing leggings under your shorts, the outfit opportunities are endless with this mixer theme.

9. Rep The College You Didn’t Get Into

If you are not currently attending your top school and had already purchased the merch for it before receiving your decision letter, this mixer theme is your opportunity to sport it. Not only is this a funny theme, but it also acts as a good conversation starter amongst members of your sorority and the frat you are mixing with. Those who did make it into their top school, or are at their top school can rep a college that they were deciding between, or simply wear their own university gear. 

10. Fashion Forward

Turn a mixer into the Met Gala with this theme idea. Every year fashion icons are seen wearing ridiculous attire during fashion week, however, always get away with it by merely saying it’s high end and vogue. Imagine a mixer where anyone can wear anything and pass it off as fashion-forward. This would allow for a variety of unique, customizable costumes. By encouraging members that attend the mixer to design their own costume as if they were going to the Met Gala, each individual will be able to look at the fashion creations of each of their friends. This mixer concept also acts as a great conversation starter.

What are your favorite mixer themes? Tell us below in the comments!

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