10 Things You Should Know For Orientation At Ole Miss

Freshman orientation is the beginning to your college career. Here is everything you need to know about orientation at Ole Miss!

Everyone always talks about what you need to know and what to expect for college, but nobody ever really tells you any of that for orientation. There are many things to do before becoming an official college student and attending orientation is one of them. Orientation is a day and a half long process, so people think that they don’t need much. Unless you’re a girl, then you over pack because that’s just what we do best. Here are 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

1. Download The Ole Miss Orientation App

You will get an email about this app once you sign up for your orientation. This app is very useful because you can check in, have your orientation schedule on hand, and have a map in case you get lost on campus (my roommate and I did).

2. Get An Orientation Group Me/ Text GM And Talk To Those People

For myself, I was in a Group Me with my orientation session and a text gm with certain people going to the same orientation as I was. Once we were down there, we all hung out and met each other. It’s a fun and easy way to meet people and already have some friends down at Ole Miss before you even get there.

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

3. Bring A Charger And Snacks!

I can not stress this tip enough! You will be sitting in the Fulton Chapel for 5 or 6 hours with only one short break, so be prepared. Once your phone hits 20% and your stomach starts growling, you’ll be grateful you brought a snack.

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

4. You Can Pick Your Roommate For Orientation

For orientation, I roomed with my actual roommate for college to get a test drive of how we will be for the next year. I got to Oxford before she did, so I checked in and told the lady at the front desk who would be rooming with me.

5. Have Questions Ready To Ask

ASK, ASK, ASK. If you have something you’re confused or uncertain about (you’re a freshman after all) don’t be afraid to ask. Write down your questions because once you’re there that list WILL grow and your orientation leaders WANT you to ask. There is a time dedicated to answering questions on the first day. Your leaders love talking about Ole Miss and are ready to help!

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

6. Don’t Party Too Hard On The First Night

After the first day is over, everybody goes out to The Square and hits up the bars, mainly The Levee. It is college after all. Do yourself a favor and don’t go out, or keep it low key. Orientation is one of the easiest times to get a strike on you because the bars know you aren’t 21 yet if you’re attending a college orientation. ALSO, if you go out on the first night, keep in mind that you’re making your class schedule and need to be 100% focused bright and early.

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

7. Bring A Pencil And Paper When Scheduling Your Classes

When you schedule your classes you will meet with your freshman advisor and he/she will tell you what you need to take in order to graduate on time and complete your major. After you meet and get your classes that you need, you go and sit down at a computer. Before you can start adding classes, you have to put them in favorites. This part gets a bit complicated because even though you’re taking a specific class and number there are many different sections and times with different professors.

During this time, you need to write everything down so you don’t add a class that has the same time slot as another class. After you have your classes in your favorites, you can start adding them and putting your schedule together. Having a pencil and paper just keeps everything way more calm and more organized during this stressful process.

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 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

8. Visit Your Dorm During The Time Slot That You’re Scheduled To Look

I made the mistake of skipping this part and I 10/10 regretted it. When you go on a campus visit and do a dorm tour, they don’t show you any corner rooms (which I am living in) and I heard that they weren’t showing any during the dorm time at orientation. So I decided not to go, which was a big mistake. A corner room was opened and I missed my chance at being able to get a good idea of how I would be able to decorate my dorm.

9. Bring Card Games/Any Games

You can’t go wrong with card games. It’s fun to have and a great way to meet people. If you get bored when you’re sitting in chapel, card games are a great way to pass the time and stay busy. It’s also fun to have when you’re back in the dorms at night and everybody is in the lounge room just hanging out.

10. It’s Awkward, But Make The Most Of It

This is the first time you will meet these people so make a good impression and enjoy orientation. Go out and introduce yourself. Take charge of your experience and if you mess up, who cares. You probably won’t see half the people you hangout with again anyway.

 10 things I wish I knew before I went to orientation at Ole Miss.

Do you have any other tips for orientation at Ole Miss!? Share in the comments below!

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