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Top 10 Organizing Tips To Use While Rearranging Your Closet

Top 10 Organizing Tips To Use While Rearranging Your Closet

Top 10 Organizing Tips To Use While Rearranging Your Closet

Whenever it comes to rearranging elements of your home, building up a portfolio of useful organizing tips will be extremely beneficial before you begin any big project that requires strategic arrangements. While newly organizing a space you should consider the full amount of space you have to use, such as the wall and the full dimensions of the room. You should also keep in mind the accessibility of items you have organized and place everything in a space most practical for its use.

Follow these top organizing tips the next time you rearrange your closet to ensure that you have maximized your space and coordinated decor to make it look extra good!

1. Empty It Out and Declutter

First things first, you need to take every last item in your closet out of it. Lay everything out around your room and take a good look at all the clothes, shoes and accessories you own. Next, its time to declutter. Set up a donation pile and a toss-out pile and start filling each up with clothes that have lost their luster for you. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in a while, or that are a couple trends past. This will open up space for future clothes to enter your wardrobe, without overcrowding the rest.


2. Categorize, Categorize, Categorize!

After you have finished decluttering your entire wardrobe, the next step is to group the remainder of your items into specific categories. The categories can be specific to your lifestyle and the frequency of use of particular garments in your closet or based on seasonal changes. Examples of categories could be color coordination, silhouette coordination, similar fabric, or similar intended use.

3. Think Seasonally

A good rule of thumb for any organizational task is to make items that are used more frequently more accessible than others. For your closet, thinking seasonally can be a helpful tool to save space and time digging through unwearable clothes to find the piece you’re looking for. Try a rotating system for each season change; store winter coats under the bed during spring and rotate them for sandals that can’t be worn in the winter.

4. Hang Strategically

If you have limited space to hang clothing, address which garments need to be hung over garments that don’t. You should aim to hang clothing made with fabric prone to wrinkle easily and fail to hang up garments that are typically used for leisure activities and can be easily unwrinkled.


5. Coordinate Hangers And Other Tools

One way to make your closet look more put together than it could actually be is to get the same hanger for your whole closet. By synchronizing the hangers together, the aesthetic of hanging clothes instantly looks cleaner and sharper. This tactic is very useful if you desire a closet with coordinated accessories as well.

6. Gain Space With Brackets

If you have very limited hanging space, hang brackets on empty wall space to utilize the space more thoroughly by giving you more room for clothes on hangers.

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7. Use Wasted Wall Space

No need to waste quality organizational space by forgetting to use any empty wall you have. Hang jewelry, hats, belts, and purses from tacks or nails in the wall to save space and give you a better view of all of your accessories. This organizational tip also doubles as a decoration for your room or closet wall.

8. Utilize Tall Shelves And Dividers

Utilizing the height of your closet will increase the overall space available for organizing. Use the taller shelves to store clothing that can not be worn in the current season.

9. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a great way conceal the loose ends of your wardrobe. Baskets are great for holding delicate undergarments or swimwear.


10. Get Creative!

For any way you organize, it is so important to get creative and have fun with it. Everyone’s wardrobe fits differently with each closet, so its good to get creative and find ways to utilize the space that work the best for you.

Next time you try and conquer the rearrangement of your closet, take a look back on some of these helpful organizational tips. Let us know your favorite ways to organize in the comment section below.

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