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10 Organizing Tips To Declutter Your Fridge

A few organizing tips and tricks to keep your fridge from becoming an over-packed mess is like ASMR to neat freaks like me. If you’ve ever opened the fridge for a quick snack only to find it would take digging through a mountain to get it, then this advice is for you. Turn your refrigerator into something that sparks joy with these tips.

Preemptive Cleaning

The first of many organizing tips for the all-encompassing refrigerator would be to clean it – preemptively. Before you can organize anything, it is helpful to spray down the shelves and drawers first and give them a good scrub. I recommend vinegar and water for a chemical-free clean. Lining the shelves with cute mats will double as stain protection and appealing decor for your icebox. If you don’t want to spend extra money on mats, you can always use paper towels instead. To go the extra mile, leave a deodorizer in your fridge to hide any unwanted smells in the future. A small open box of baking soda in a secure place is a practical solution to absorbing unpleasant odors.

Label Drawers

Fridge label stickers go a long way in keeping everything in its rightful place. Of course, you don’t need to buy labels. There are plenty of free printable labels online if you want to add some style to your fridge, or you could always go with good old tape. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to organizing your fridge with labels, try storing leftovers at the top and raw meat on the bottom. Raw meats stored on top run the risk of dripping and contaminating other foods but keeping them on the bottom eliminates that risk.

Suction Baskets

When it comes to food storage, every square inch counts. Why not make the most of your wall space with nifty suction baskets? They are the perfect size for storing prepared snacks and chopped vegetables, such as carrot and celery sticks. Keep sauce packets and other miscellaneous treats tucked away neatly so that they won’t get lost at the bottom of a drawer somewhere for you to find three years later. I mean, how many times have you kept extra fire sauce from Taco Bell in the fridge because they gave you too many and you felt guilty about throwing them away? One too many, I say.

Install Extra Drawers

This is one of those organization tips that can’t be repeated enough: pull out bins are lifesavers. Maximum the unused space in your fridge by installing extra drawers that can be assembled in a snap. Most simply clip right on to the underside of a shelf, creating much-needed space for your cheese wedges, garlic cloves, butter, or whatever else in there. Got half a bag of grapes that you don’t know where to put? Pull out bin. Rogue Babybels at the bottom of a drawer? Pull out bin. A container of soup? Pull out bin. I think you get the idea.

Try Plastic Egg Holders

If you’ve noticed there’s a frustrating gap between your egg cartons and the top shelf, then try this instead: plastic egg holders. The covers are made of sturdy plastic so you can stack heavier items on top of them without harming your precious future omelets. Think of how much space could be saved if you could put things on top of your eggs! Some egg holders come in large sizes so you can fill it with multiple cartons of eggs while it still won’t take up unnecessary surface area in your fridge. After all, who only ever buys one egg carton?

Eat Me First Bin

This is ideal for reminding people (or yourself) to use up items that are soon to expire. Nobody wants to be surprised by the taste of expired milk. Prevent the nightmare with a cute little reminder for hungry snackers to check the label first. Besides, did you know you could save up to $600 a year by avoiding wasted food? This is the average annual total usually lost by families because of expired food that goes straight into the bin. That’s a lot of money! Save it instead by putting those endangered items front and center to get everyone’s attention as soon as the fridge door is opened.

Soda Can Organizer

Let’s face it, between condiments, half-used sticks of butter and yogurt cups, there just isn’t enough space in the side shelf of the fridge for soda cans. Free up some storage space with an organizer that will not only line up your cans neatly for you but will have soda cans dispensed at the ready for you. If you buy cans of multiple different flavors, then having a clear organizer will be a big help for finding what you’re in the mood for.

See Also

Lazy Susan

An adorably functional lazy Susan for your refrigerator will help you to never lose track of condiments, snacks, and sauces ever again. This miniature turntable is excellent for salad dressings and jams. It won’t just save space, but it will also save you the time (and frustration) of digging through the bowels of your fridge looking for mustard. If you already have a lazy Susan hiding in a neglected corner of your pantry, now is the perfect chance to transform it into the perfect fridge tool. Spin the wheel for pickles. Spin it for salsa. Spin it for fiery hot sauce. It’s a wheel of snacks!

Freeze It

You may be staring in helpless frustration at the disproportionate amount of space in your freezer versus your fridge. Did you know there are a surprising amount of foods that freeze well? You don’t have to reserve the freezer for frozen foods only. Milk can last up to three months in there, as well as butter, cheese, rice, and even bread. This is an exceptional tip for those Costco shoppers who prefer to buy in bulk. Besides, that extra carton of milk runs the risk of expiring when left in the fridge waiting for the already opened milk to be finished. Save your food, money, and space by stuffing them in the freezer.

Grab-And-Go Meals

Meal prep can be hard. Dip your toe in the water by fashioning your leftovers into grab-and-go meals. Organize leftovers into individual containers so you can skip packing lunch for the rest of the week. This is a quick and easy formula to follow that can transform into a positive habit. Try using glass containers instead of plastic to avoid harmful BPA carcinogens.

What organizing tips do you have for your kitchen? Share below!

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