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Organize Your Dorm Room With These 6 Dollar Store Items

Coming to college means a multitude of changes and decisions. One of the more fun decisions is decorating your dorm room or apartment. Every college dorm and student apartment requires you to maximize your space to the extreme. Fitting the equivalent of a whole year’s worth of your life; clothes, toiletries, electronics, and school supplies, into generally one room and a shared bathroom can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. That’s where I come in. I want to help you make the most of your living experience! Here is a simple list of cheap organizational options that are not only cost effective but customizable to match whatever décor you pick. The best part? They can all be found at your local dollar store!

1. Stackable Bins

During the semester, one of the places where you’ll spend most of your time is your desk. It’s where you eat, do homework, surf the internet and sometimes watch TV. It always helps to have your desk as clean and organized as possible, so you can focus on the task at hand. A quick start to the organizing process is purchasing stackable bins to fill up with pretty much whatever you want; school supplies, change, wallet and keys. Most dollar stores have a set of three primary color nesting bins perfect for any collegiate desk. These bins can easily be painted or re-covered in any paper or fabric you desire, or remain as they are. Shop stackable bins on Amazon.

2. Magazine Holders

Another great desk organization item is a magazine holder. It can function as a place for miscellaneous school papers, along with easy access storage for class folders. They can be painted, and re-covered as well. However you choose to decorate, they are easy to incorporate into the design scheme. Shop Magazine holders on Amazon

3. Under Bed Storage Bags

Trying to stuff a year’s worth of clothes into a small dresser and closet can be a nightmare. Generally most dorms will have space under the bed, so this is where under bed storage bags come in handy as they just slide in wherever you have space. You can even buy an extra one and store your shoes in them! Shop Under Bed Storage at Amazon

4. Hangers and Curtain Rings

Another huge clothing obstacle is scarves and belts. What is the best way to store them for constant use? The answer is: slim hangers with shower curtain rings! Each ring will hold one scarf or belt. This saves you tons of space, and both the hangers and shower curtain rings are affordable!

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5. Shower Caddy/Tote

Now we’re moving right along to bathroom organization. Generally speaking, most college bathrooms are going to be shared, whether it’s a communal bathroom for the whole floor or an enclosed suite for 2-4 people. No matter which style you end up living in, you will need, first and foremost, a shower caddy/tote. This will keep all of your hygiene needs in one place to make your life easier. There are a couple of different options; a caddy with multiple separate compartments or a general tote filled with all that you need. Best thing about the dollar store is that you can buy any soaps and shower products right along with all of your other necessities.

6. Candy Jars

Another great product to help keep your bathroom organized is candy jars filled with Q-tips and cotton balls. In fact, you could fill these jars with all sorts of things, such as makeup brushes, bobby pins, tampons…etc!  (This idea is more directed at those with their own bathrooms, not communal showers.)
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