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How To Organize Your Entire Dorm Room With Command Hooks

How To Organize Your Entire Dorm Room With Command Hooks

Using command hooks to organize your dorm room is a great idea to save space, money and to keep you from damaging your walls with your dorm decor!

Command hooks are total lifesavers, right? To make them even more useful than they already are, here are some clever ways to use Command hooks to organize literally everything in your dorm room.

1. Hang curtains.

This tutorial will help you to use Command hooks to hang curtains in your dorm room. By using hooks, you ensure that there won’t be damage done to your walls come move-out day.

2. Hang your keys by the door.

It’s so easy to rush out of the room and forget your keys and ID. To avoid disaster, hang your keys and ID from a Command hook by the door or light switch.


3. Keep necklaces neat.

To display your jewelry in an organized fashion, hang necklaces from small Command hooks. You can hang the hooks on a frame or put them directly on the inside of your closet.

4. Organize toothbrushes.

If you live in a suite or share a bathroom with your roommate, create a space where you all hang your toothbrushes. Color code the hooks with Washi tape to make it even more efficient.

5. Hang a snack rack for added shelving.

With limited space to go around in a dorm room, you have to get creative. Use Command hooks to hang a metal spice rack on the wall for extra storage.


6. Hang a shoe organizer.

Running out of space for your shoes? Hang a shoe organizer on a wall or the back of your door using Command hooks. This tutorial shows you how to make it work in your space. Bonus tip: you don’t have to use the shoe organizer just for shoes; use it to stow away snacks, jewelry, school supplies…pretty much anything.

7. Hang your towels.

Designate a space in your dorm room for hanging your towels. By hanging them from large Command hooks, your towels will dry quicker and be more accessible.

8. Organize your rings.

Rings can easily be lost in the mess that becomes your desk. Keep your rings safe by hanging them from a Command hook on the side of your desk or nearby wall.

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9. Keep your cords from getting tangled.

If you’re like me, you like to be on your phone before you go to bed. Keep your cord from getting tangled under the bed by attaching a small Command hook to the bed frame.

10. Keep your shower items separate.

To keep all of your toiletries separate from your roommates’, hang two separate shower caddies using waterproof Command hooks.


11. Hang a curtain rod to display pictures.

Distance two command hooks on your wall to hold a light curtain rod to act as a photo display holder. Get creative with what you hang off the rod; this could be great for scarves, necklaces, or anything else you can think of.

12. Or just hang a string of photos directly from the command hooks.

13. This works for string lights, too!

How do you organize with Command hooks? Let us know in the comments!

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