15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

Here are Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester. Use them to help with organization, stress, and anything else during your school year.

College can be a stressful time, between classes work, friends, and relationships it can be tough to get yourself organized. As you continue through your four year education you are bound to learn new tricks to keep your brain focused, here are 15 organization tips for a flawless spring semester.

1. Purchase a planner or planner app

This is in my opinion one of the most important organization tips. Having a planner gives you a visual layout of your day, week, or month so you can clearly see your schedule. Tons of planners today come with a cute sticker page that has pre printed options such as ‘work’ or ‘test’. These take the work out of writing in every event and you can easily add it with a small sticker. If physical planners are not your thing, there are tons of options in the app store such as Planner plus, or My Homework.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

2. Color code you school supplies

There is nothing worse than rushing to class, sitting down and opening your notebook, only to realize that you grabbed the wrong one. Don’t worry it’s happened to the best of us, but these organization tips will make sure it never happens again. A quick and easy way to make sure that you always have the correct supplies is to simply organize them by color. Whether you use binders or a notebook and folder, choose one color for each subject. Chemistry can be blue, math can be pink, English can be purple, etc.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

3. Pre-purchase and extra supplies

Get a jump start on the spring semester using these organization tips. Start by purchasing anything in advance that you know you will need for classes. Put this organization tip to use by purchasing  calculators for math class or dissect kits for biology,  so you will be fully prepared on the first day.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

4. Divide a folder into two sections

Purchase a folder for each class and utilize the two sections inside.  For this simple organization tip, just separate it into ‘completed’ and ‘to be completed’. This way you can easily access the work that you still need to work on,

5. Sticky Notes or whiteboards to create visual reminders

Nothing helps you remember a test or a quiz like seeing it written everywhere. You can purchase a pack of sticky notes or a white board to leave yourself easy visual reminders. This organization tip is quick, easy, and cost efficient.

6. Type up any notes

This is an organization tip that also will help you commit more things from your classes to memory. At the end of each week, type up any of your handwritten notes in addition to any important information that may have been handed out. While typing you are also reviewing the information, which can help it stay fresh in your brain.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

7. Organize your morning products

Whether you go to class in a full face of makeup or you take everyday as a casual day, everyone has some version of a morning routine. To get your day started a great organization tip is to set up and products the night before. Utilize this organization tip by laying out our skincare, hair, and makeup products to jump start your day and to get you out of the door on time.

8. Write out important dates in your calendar

The first week of classes aka sylly week is always pretty relaxed. Take advantage of the lack of projects and assignments and use this time as a chance to get yourself prepared for the semester. This organization tip is very easy, once you are handed out your course schedule transfer any important dates such as tests and quizzes into your planner.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

9. Prepare any projects the night before

When you’ve spent all night working on a project the last thing you want is to forget it as you are rushing out of your room. For this organization tip, make sure your completed assignment and everything you need for it is prepared, and in your bag. This way it is impossible to forget anything on your way to class.

10. Plan out a weekly assignment list

Print or type up a list once a week that includes all of your important due dates, stick it somewhere that you look everyday like the front of your planner, the favorites photo section of your phone. This organization tip will allow you to keep your work front and center.

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15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

11. Write reminders on a calendar leading up to your due dates

A simple organization tip to keep your course load on your brain is write out your assignments in your planner several times. For example, write it in on the due date, two days prior, and two weeks prior. Seeing it written several times will keep it on the horizon and reduce the chances of an important assignment skipping your mind.

12. Keep your work area organized

A messy desk can equal a messy mind. This organization tip is super simple, try to keep your desk clean and organized. By putting pencils, rules, calulators away in their place you are more likely to be able to focus and complete yout best work in a clean space.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

13. Clean 5-10 minutes a day

If you thought a messy desk was bad, a messy room can be even worse. In college your dorm can accumulate mess quickly and that can cause you to misplace important school documents. This organization tip is to simply devote 5-10 minutes of each day to cleaning up.

14. Download the SelfControl App

This organization tip comes in the form of a new app. All you do is create a password that is easily forgettable (usually the ones that look like a keyboard smash), once you create a password you set a timer for it to expire. During the time that you are locked out your attention will be forced to be on your assignments.

15 Organization Tips For A Flawless Spring Semester

15. Take advantage of cloud storage

There’s tons of organization tips out there regarding cloud storage, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Upload all important drafts, essays, and notes into Google Drive and set up subjected folders.

Which organization tips do you think will be the most helpful for your spring semester? Comment below!
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