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Ordinary Card Games That Can Be Turned Into Drinking Games

Ordinary Card Games That Can Be Turned Into Drinking Games

Ordinary Card Games That Can Be Turned Into Drinking Games

Tired of playing the same old game of Ring of Fire to get the party going? Mix it up by bringing in these games to the party. You’ll never be stuck for things to do again.

Instructions for each game can be found by clicking their titles.

Uno (2+ Players)

Lack of an actual pack of playing cards? Bust out your Uno pack. The rules can be pretty flexible or super harsh, depending on how hard you’re planning to go – for the softer games, drinks just apply to the loser of the round.

That, or wild cards can equal everyone drinking one finger, plus 2s equal two fingers (and finger amounts stack as these stack, so woe be the person caught without one!) and plus 4s equal a whopping four fingers of the unlucky recipient’s drink.  You’ll be even more strategic with your plays than ever.

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Snap! (2+ Players)

This can get pretty intense. Every time you lose a snap, you take a sip of your drink. Depending on how bad your reaction time is (worsened by the introduction of alcohol!) you’re bound to be slurring your words in no time flat. You can bring in more players if you can handle the possibility of injury during play. But don’t hold back or risk a throbbing hangover the next day.

Cheat (3+ Players)

Or more fondly known as bullshit. It’s a game all about reading people. If you’re right on your call, they drink. But be warned: incorrect accusations turn the tables on you. This can get easier as everybody gets more honest with consumption.

If you manage to sneak your way out to victory, everyone left with cards must finish what’s left in their glass. So watch out for the quiet ones and call them out on seemingly suspicious plays!

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Battle (2 Players)

Known as ‘War’ in the US, this is more a game of luck than anything.  There’s no way to help yourself in any way in this game; it’s just a case of whether the card you draw lives up to the task of beating the other. This game is only suitable for 2 players; however, other spectators can bet on who’ll win during the round, and drink/not drink depending on the results if they’d like to get involved.

Whoever loses the Battle each round takes a drink. Done in quick succession, the player who finds themselves drawing constant low-value cards will be in for a rough time.

Chase the Ace (3+ Players)

A fun party game of knowing when you’ve got it good. Do you stick with that 7 or not? Who knows! One tip: Do NOT keep an ace. The title of the game is misleading as all hell: it should be known as ‘Chase the King’! Every time you lose a life upon having the lowest value card at the end of the round, you drink two fingers. A quick and simple game that doesn’t require skill or a lot of time.

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Which of these drinking games will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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