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24 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

24 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

It doesn’t matter how sexperienced you are, everyone could use some new oral sex tips. Here’s a list that sum up how to give a good blow job:

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind
1. Tease Him

Don’t just jump right in to the blow job, take your time working your way down. Start by kissing his neck, then trail kisses down his stomach, until you reach his pants. Start rubbing his manhood over his clothes, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try taking off his pants using only your mouth.

2. Take Control

Showing initiative will get your man excited AF. Push him down on the bed and let him know you’re in charge and you know what you’re doing. Confidence is key!

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

3. …Or Let Him Take Control

If you being submissive is what does it for your man, then take a back seat this time around. Let him guide you on how to give a great blow job. Know your limits, but stay open minded.

4. Start Slow

One of the absolute best blow job tips is to start slow. What can I say, good things take time.

5. Talk The Talk

Let’s talk about sex, baby! You can’t read read each other’s mind, so make sure you communicate what you need from each other. If dirty talk isn’t your thing, try something more simple like “Do you like it when I…”

6. The Wetter, The Better

This is probably one of the most important oral sex tips. Gather that saliva hunny, you’re going to need it! The wetter your mouth is, the more similar it’s going to feel to your vag, and that’ll drive him wild (not to mention, it makes your job easier).

7. Twist Those Hands

Does your mouth ever get tired during a blow job? Do you feel yourself running out of saliva? Are you bored bobbing up and down? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, use your hands! Incorporating your hands not only gives your jaw a break, it also gives him a different sensation. Twist your hands on his shaft while your mouth focuses on his tip, and I promise it’ll be a blow job he never forgets.

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

8. Grab Him By The Balls

…gently, of course! Shoutout to President Trump for giving us the idea. While your mouth is busy above, grab and massage his balls for some added pleasure. If you’re feeling ballsy (pun intended), gently suck his balls to push him over the edge.

9. Hum

This is one of the best blow job tips secrets: hum a soft tune while focusing on the tip, then again when he’s further back in your throat. All I’ll say is you’re welcome.

10. Lick It Like A Lollipop

A wise prophet (Lil Wayne) once said: “She lick me like a lollipop.” Take a break from bobbing up and down and simply lick it from bottom to top. A flick of da tongue goes a long way.

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

11. Vary Your Speed

Keep him on his toes by changing your speed. Start slow in the beginning and work your way up to a fast and consistent pace, then slow it back down when you think he’s close to finishing. This “edging” technique will make him last longer and make the big O that much better.

12. Make Eye Contact

It can be a little intimating, but it’s a great way to connect.

13. Deep Throat, DUH

I know, I know. Probably one of the most common oral sex tips you hear, but the least common one you actually do. But if you do, kudos! If gagging is an issue for you, channel your inner Arthur meme and tuck your thump into your palm and make a fist. This ~supposedly~ helps decrease the gagging.

14. Use Your Hands To Fake A Deep Throat

We can’t all be porn stars. If deep throating isn’t listed as a skill on your resume, you can create a similar sensation using your hands. Use both hands to grab the shaft and move them up and down with your mouth.

15. Circle The Tip

Use your tongue to swirl the tip. It’s how to give a good blow job 101.

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

16. Find His Sensitive Spot

Every guy is different, so try to figure out where your man is most sensitive. Some find extreme pleasure on the underside of their peen, some go crazy from tip simulation, and some love to be touched in the are between their balls and their butt.

17. What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Ice Cold!

Temperature is often a sensation we forget during oral, but it can have a huge impact. Drink a glass of cold water or suck on an ice cube to cool your mouth down before giving him a blow job.

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18. Explore The Back Door

Much like Narnia, there’s a magical place beyond the man forest that not many venture to. If both you and your partner are comfortable with it, slip your finger into his ass. The pressure on his prostate will give him an orgasm like no other.

19. Don’t Stop After He Finishes

The tank isn’t always completely empty after her finishes, if you know what I mean. After he cums continue to suck for another minute or two, just be gentle because men are usually very sensitive after orgasming!

20. Blind Fold Him

50 shades of oral sex tips: using a blindfold is a fun way to make an ordinary blow job exciting.

21. Use A Toy To Help

Sex toys like cock rings, vibrators, or anal plugs are also great ways to spice up your typical blow job routine.


If you don’t listen to any of the other oral sex tips, please listen to this one. Teeth are an absolute no.  great tip is to tuck your tongue over your bottom teeth just to make sure you don’t accidentally graze his peen.

15 Oral Sex Tips That’ll Blow His Mind

23. Swallow Like A Champ

Is dick a carb? Debatable. Not swallowing is so high school, real women swallow. Keep a chaser (like a glass of water, juice, wine, whatevs) on the nightstand if you need to. Most guys love it when their partner swallows, and it makes clean up so much easier.

24. Enjoy It!

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your partner hates giving you oral. If you give the impression that you enjoy pleasuring them, they’ll enjoy it 10x more. And if you reaaaally hate it, just fake it til you make it.

Have you tried any of these oral sex tips? Comment below!
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