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An Open Letter For World Peace

An Open Letter For World Peace

This letter for world peace is not meant to be politically charged, but rather it is for the everyman, for the human. I want everyone to relate to it. I sit and write this in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting in complete confusion. To be honest, I don’t understand how things like this can still be going on in the world. It’s not just America. Paris. Elementary schools. Whether you think the problem is ISIS, or you think the problem is guns, that doesn’t change the fact that people have died because hate has seeped into the woodwork of this planet we all SHARE.


I went to a Catholic elementary school, actually I’ve been in Catholic education my whole life, but that’s beside the point. In all my years of schooling, I learned that it’s important to be a steward of this earth. What exactly does that mean? That means we have to take care of this planet. That means, sure you can recycle, sure you can conserve water, but you know what that also means? You must conserve the dignity and life of every person around you. This is a letter to the whole world, because everyone needs to hear it. We need to stop for a minute. Put aside policy and affiliation and grieve like people.


This is a letter for the people of the world who are grieving for brothers and sisters they’ve never met. Don’t be ashamed to feel something for people 500 miles away. If someone says, “Well you didn’t know them, so why are you crying?” or “Why are you upset?”, then they must grieve differently. It isn’t a weakness to realize that an attack on anyone could be an attack on you, and is. Humanity is amazing because of its differences. No one should ever be targeted, and most certainly not because of something that makes them wonderful. Gays are wonderful. Parisians are wonderful. Children are wonderful.


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We can’t solve all of the world’s problems. I don’t pretend that this “letter to the world” will actually reach the world, but this message is definitely something that we should be cognizant of. Hate exists and we should not augment to it. We need to be stewards of the earth.

*You may now return to your regularly scheduled political debates*

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